Thursday, December 07, 2006

What's new

Man, I need to get a new hobby.....oh wait nevermind, I stink at this one. Sorry to all my avid readers out there (all one of you). Okay, what's new?? Justin is the most awesome husband ever sheerly due to the fact that he is letting me get a new Entertainment Center (finally!) AND a new dining table and chair set for Christmas!! I've already ordered the entertainment center, it should be here shortly. But I came across a bit of a problem when it came to picking my new table set. It seems that deep down I am extremely phsyco about certain things and I dream up these weird pictures in my head of what I want, only to find that it does not exist.........anywhere! So because of my weirdness, I am getting my fairytale table made somewhere in Montgomery. Hope it turns out good =).

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We got to spend the day with Charlie and Rachel and shoved ourselves full of every good food imaginable. (I literally mean SHOVED, I almost died!........Long story, I'll tell ya later). Since Justin's mom was going to Jacksonville to hang out with Jo and james on Turkey day, we had thanksgiving dinner with her earlier that week, which just stretched out our stomach real good for the big day. As if that was enough, we then headed to Bama for my family's celebration. Since all but one of the 8 siblings in my family are married, my mom decided to move our thanksgiving celebration to the Saturday everyone could spend the real day with the in-laws and none of us would miss out on seeing each other. I really really love that! My mom's the best!

Let's see, what else? Oh, after Thanksgiving my high school girl's bible study met for the last time of our 12 week session. It was sad, but I truly love those girls with my whole heart. I would do absolutely anything to see to it that they make good decisions in their lives, I want to save them from any pain, or mistakes. But, I know you have to let them be their own person and hope they eventually come back to the truth that you planted in them. Listen to me, I sound like their mother! Well, a mother couldn't love them more than I do! They are the apples of my eye. As a Christmas/end of the study gift I made them all headband thingys. It's this new obsession I have, making these headbands. Here are a few pictures modeling my crafts, and a few more from our first few sessions.

Okay, so not to change the subject but Justin and I are seriously considering buying some land in Stonebrook (you know, while prices are low). Then we figure when the market goes back up, we can sell our house and build on the land. Pray for that decision, we aren't sure what we want to do yet.

On to more important topics. My new love Megan Whitaker has officially opened her interior design store. It's call "Inside the Home" here in Pace. If any of you are ever in the area you should totally stop by, it's the cutest place! You're welcome Megan for the free PR.

Alright, I'm a little everywhere with my thoughts right now so I will leave you with two phrases that made me think this week:
One's from Mom Wow (Jus's mom) - "Sin makes you stupid, you can hide the sin, but the stupidity eventually shows itself."
And the other I just heard randomly on TV - "Nowhere in the bible does it tell us to fight against the sin of this, it tells us to run from it" So in essence, run from sin cause it makes you stupid.........