Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Spongebob bandaid

Ok so I'm better now! haha. I know that last post was mucho depresso...but hey, you gotta love it when God gets you over that hump and puts a big fat bandaid on your know the really cool kind like SPONGEBOB bandaids. Well, that's what he did for me. Man what a support system he has provided me. My husband is amazing, he is so comforting and sweet and knows just what I need to hear when I'm sad or upset about something. I thank God for that sensitive quality he has yet still he manages to hold himself together through everything...even though I know he hurts too =( I just can't wait to spend every minute with him.

Oh and not just him, my fabulous, always there to listen to a rambling phone call about information that does no good whatsoever to your life but you listen due to the fact that it cleanses my soul, friends. I love how they can truly make me feel as if they care and their hearts break over the pitly little tragedies of my life...haha, you are appreciated.

And my Jesus. The one who never fails. Reminds me of whose I am daily and the promises he holds for me. If I could only always be more concerned with his glory than my own relief. I love him so. Something he does for my heart and soul that no other can ever match, no one can ever take. What should I ever have to yearn for or have a saddened heart after?? I am well taken care of.

And I couldn't end this post without the random acts, words, notes, gifts of kindness from all the others that truly touch my life. More of those have come my way now than ever before in my existence. Co-workers, my precious youth babies (I love you more than your mamas!), and acquantances alike have encouraged and uplifted...I guess they could be like the neosporin underneath my spongebob bandaid??

Thanks you Jesus for taking me up in your lap and kissing my Owie. You're unfathomable.