Friday, July 16, 2010

Yee Haw! (10 months)

(the girl doesn't get juice much..she loves it)

I do realize the intense need to change up my header and discription/pictures on this blog but...who has the time.

So, we left off last post going into her 9 month checkup. And the results are in. She was 80 percentile in weight (20lb 12oz), 90 percentile in height (29 inches), and 90 percentile in head (I didn't even wanna know the measurements here). So, she is a big beautiful bouncing baby girl! She is doing so well developmentally, her pincher function is beyond precise (big guhl gotta eat), and she is eating and sleeping perfectly :) I'm proud of her. She hardly even cried at all when they gave her a shot. The nurse even commented on it. She was just...over it. Good for mama's heart.

After Char's checkup we decided that her big sister needed one too. Poor Prissy has been neglected since Charleigh entered the picture. She used to get groomed every month, now it's every 3 months. She was ALWAYS up to date on her shots, checkups, frontline, heartguard, etc. Now...well, let's just say, she NEEDED a checkup. It was a normal visit besides the fact that I forgot the stroller AND Prissy's leash. So here I am trying to carry, a huge purse, my soda from lunch (because I just couldn't leave that in the car could I?), a diaper bag, a 20lb kid who grabs EVERYTHING, and a Yorkie who pees when she's scared (and she was scared). I know I got laughed at that day.

So, those two girls weren't the only ones at the doctor this month. Paw Paw had to have ANOTHER neck surgery to fix the plate and screws he had loose. So Char and I headed up to the hospital to make sure he was okay afterwards. She just loves her Paw Paw, he was half asleep and doped up (not to mention in pain) and couldn't be his usual animated self but nonetheless, Charleigh just lit up and when she saw Paw Paw anyway. The nurse who was in the room with us kept sayin, "Do he keep her? She love him!" hahaha!

So, then it was Father's Day! Justin's first day as a real life DADDY! Unfortunately, it started out with our Air Conditioner going out for the 11th time (no I am NOT exaggerating). So, Dad wasn't having the best day. He got some workout equipment that he'd been asking for and a handmade card from Charleigh...she is so darn crafty. We love our Daddy. He is so good to us. Works so hard every day, even when he doesn't want to. Provides everything we could ever need and still manages to love on us when he gets home. This day was a thankful day in my heart. It makes me sad that we were running around so much and didn't take a picture of Charleigh and her Daddy this day. But, here's a video instead :)

We headed out to Chumuckla to spend the rest of Father's Day with Justin's dad. It was nice and "cool" there :)

Due to our AC problems we spent several nights at Big Mama's house (praise the lord). They came out and fixed the problem and the next morning, it broke again (12th time), they decided (finally) that we needed a new unit (duh). So they spent the WHOLE next day replacing our entire Air conditioner and we were relieved (broke) to have cool air and then, the next broke AGAIN! Oh AC gods, what did we do to deserve this? After another trip out, they seemed to have fixed the problem. We have air...for now.

The next week was VBS at Olive. Charleigh got to spend every morning that week at Big Mama's house! I came in to get her one day and she would NOT come to me...I threatened to end their playdates if this behavior continued...Big Mama is not willing to let that happen. Anway, VBS was a country/western theme so I was glad to wear my pig tails and straw hat. But I realized that I was in desperate need of some cowgirl boots! I've been wanting them for a darn long time...they were even on my Christmas list (which I did not get obviously). So. I did some shopping around and here are my new AWESOME boots! Somewhere in there we managed to throw a big UFC party at our house. We invited all the boys from the children's home and you could tell they enjoyed being "grown up" with the big boys...talkin bout fightin and stuff. But, I'm so glad Kristen, Krista, and Ashley were here to keep me company.

Let's move on to the 4th of July!It was on a Sunday this year so I knew Charleigh and I would be out and about together so...I made us matching outfits! You call it corny, I call it AWESOME! (Daddy wasn't on board with the polka dotted shorts I planned to make him...I don't blame him).
Here's the bow I made for Char. It was my first time using the korker ribbon (you have to cook that stuff to get it curly) and I think it looked like fireworks...maybe.

Justin had the next day off work so we spent the day galavanting all over. Much to my surprise he was totally up for hitting the mall. yay! Little did I know of his evil plan to introduce ice cream to our little dear. She wasn't sure about that cold stuff.
Alright, so Justin and I are a little obsessed in some areas of life. Charleigh is definitely one of them. So, since the doctors these days command you to only let your baby sleep on their backs...and because I am SOOOOO stinkin scared of SIDS, that's how Charleigh has slept. Swaddled up, unable to move, on her back. Due to many months of this, the back of her head got a little flat. It's been improving on it's own slowly and the pediatrician thinks it is not bad at all (even though we have assureed her it was). So, anyway, to further prove our pshyco-ness we took her to a craniologist, ya know, just to make sure. Well, that was a waste of time. The doc looked at her and sent us out in less than 5 minutes. Dude! At least we know her head is just fine :)

Since the beaches are all oilly Ben and Sam introduced us to the creek. Who knew it was like a mini beach. That ain't how our creeks are back in Bama. haha. So we took their two boys and Charls out there for a day of sun (my whitey sure needs it). Notice Cade and Charleigh are attached at the hip, they LOVE each other.
Later in the month Justin had a boys trip planned for him and 3 buddies. They went up to Quail Country in Georgia and fished. (That's his bait and tackle bag)So Charleigh and I took the opportunity to go see Granny, Papa and the Shirley crew. It seemed like it had been forever but it had only been a month (too long in my opinion). She got to show them all her newest tricks. Her best one was saying, "Papa!". We have a picture of my mom and dad that she plays with at home and when I say, "Where's Papa?" She points to him in the picture and whispers, "pa-pa" (which is also how she says Paw Paw). It is so cute. She just started that, the pointing thing. She points to EVERYTHING now as if she's asking, "what's that?". I love it, it makes me giggle. When I come into the room she points at me...somehow it makes me feel loved. Oh, so other tricks she's learned this month, she can point to your "eyes", "nose", "mouth", and "the light", among others that I know I'm forgetting. Here she is clicking her tongue (she has loved it when people click since she was born, it has always gotten a smile, and now she can do it on her own).

We also made the long trip in her NEW big girl car seat...she has outgrown her infant one. It's nice and big and cushy!

Hmmm, let's talk about some more cool things Char has learned this month. She now will walk with your help. If you hold her hands she is quick to take steps. She also can stand for longer periods without holding on due to the trick my mom taught me. If you give her a lightweight object (our favorite is her plastic little ball) she thinks she is holding on and balances herself better. It works! She will dance now if you ask her to (most of the time), but she definitley knows what the word means. And she will sing with me. If I start humming a really high note she suddenly gets her voice real high and soft and holds the tune with me (well maybe not exactly in tune). Oh! My favorite thing she started doing this month is SIGN LANGUAGE. She can do "eat", "more", and "done". She was showing off her "eat" sign at the UFC party when i would feed her some guacamole, she kept saying "eat", "eat", "eat". (she apparently likes the green stuff). Here is a video of her in the bath tub, she stops a couple times to say "more" with her hands...she loves the bath too..she just wanted more more more!

After Justin and the boys got back from their fishing adventure we had to have a fish fry to eat all their hard work. I donned my new boots...(Justin failed to actually get the boots IN the picture) Some of the crafts I've worked on this month: An adorable pink tutu with black and white polka dots and matching appliqué onesie. The fabric I used for the onesie is a black fun.
Here is a whole slew of great gifts for a mom-to-be. Matching hospital gown, onesie, burp cloth, and pillowcase for their stay at the hospital.
A cute little zebra and hot pink LSU onesie and matching black and pink tutu. (the butt of the onesie says "Geaux Tigers")
and this, my friends, is what I get to laugh at while I'm hard at work. My husband thinks it is hilarious to lift her up so that she grabs onto the top of the door and peeps over, she look like a really tall person with a pea head. It IS pretty hilarious.

Coming up for the Tyners: Our trip to Atlanta, Braves game, and Audrey's wedding!