Friday, June 26, 2009

27 weeks, 146.5 lbs

Good news: nausea is seriously few and far between so, I'm happy. I also got a belly support band that is WONDERFUL! It helps relieve all that pressure and those "ripping" muscles that I talked about earlier (I don't know why I put the word "ripping" in quotation marks, as if that makes me feel as if we are talking about something hypothetical...maybe it's a mind game?)

More good news, with all the chaos that is our lives these last few months we haven't done a THING to Charleigh's room. I mean, the dead animals (i.e. deer heads and mounted fish) were still on the walls, my treadmill was still in there, TONS of hunting stuff including a nice oak gun cabinet filled with rifles. It was SO not my little girl's room! So, luckily on Monday, my mom came down and we got to work. I do have to give Justin credit, after a stressful week at work he still managed to get all the furniture and heavy stuff out of our way just in time :). We spent the next 4 days running errands to get everything we needed (plus just the regular bazillion errands I have to run everyday...why does it seem that every day I have a full list, even though I DO get things accomplised the day just doesn't make sense) and, of course, we PAINTED!

I want to warn any of you traditional, "calm-type" people out there that you may not be a big fan of Charleigh's nursery. I just figure she is going to be quite the sassy girl and wanted to give her a nursery to match! I'll post some pictures of our work so far but, keep in mind, the window treatments, bedding, and furniture (which is all being MADE right now) will bring it all together! Speaking of furniture...the one piece that we are not having made is the round crib...which I wanted desperately for Charleigh's nursery. So, I am so excited to announce that Paw Paw and GrandMaMa are getting that for her! Actually, they already got it, but when we started unpacking the box, it was damaged soooo, now I have to send it back and order a new one...sigh. But it should be here soon anyway! I am beyond happy about my child having a place to SLEEP!

On the far wall we decided to do an argyle print, and when I say "we decided to DO an argyle print" I mean, we decided, for some reason to paint my child's nursery by hand with tiny craft brushes. Haha, okay, so we were able to use regular paint brushes for some of it, but we kept getting deliriously giggly and would keep going back to the fact that NO ONE in their right minds would use tiny craft brushes to paint a room but...we did for a lot of it! I love how it turned out, just preppy and pretty enough for my taste. (Those colors were pink and brighter pink,
in case you can't tell by the pictures)
Across the room, on the opposite wall, we did black and white stripes. A little bold for a nursery but so cute none-the-less. We will definitely be having some pink accents on this wall for sure. Hey, I've also been reading and apparently the bold contrast of black and white, stimulate the baby's vision so, this wall may just be good for little Charleigh!We also took the door off the closet and painted it pink as well, She already has a closet full of clothes (and another bin full that I didn't have room to hang up yet...don't worry, Jus is installing another shelf in there for her)
Also, I do realize that we had an ultrasound last week and I STILL have not posted the pictures but, my scanner at home is broken (has been for a while now) so, I was using the one at school to scan my ultrasound that I am not in school anymore...I'm having a problem. I just need to go buy a new printer/scanner...sigh. Until then, here is a small video of our little girl. It's not the most interesting of all her videos, she was actually pretty chill this visit, I think she is just running out of room these days.
Big Mama got to come to this ultrasound and see baby Charleigh moving and kicking and doing all her tricks for the first time! I already see her sweet (and as I mentioned before, sassy) personality. I just love her. High risk doc says I still have that darn Placenta Previa but he thinks it still has time to move. Charleigh weighs 2 lbs and 5 oz already, a little big for her age but, healthy says the doc. Next on my list is Childbirthing classes and all that good stuff!
Also, it has been brought to my attention that I do not post ANY full body pregnant pictures on this thing and to those who are hurt by this...I am very sorry :) My mom is definitely one of those people so she made me do a small photo shoot in my kitchen after our day of running errands...
The traditional pose...
As you can see, cotton dresses are my FAVORITE these days. Maybe because it's been over 100 degrees all week it is sooo hot!

The last drama I've been dealing with this iphone. I just got one less than a month ago, paying full price might I add. And then, I see on TV that they have come out with a new improved iphone...for the SAME price I paid! What? Why didn't anyone at AT&T warn me they were about to reduce mine to half price and introduce a new one...I would have waited! So, I had to take mine back (you have 30 days to return it) and order one of the new ones. So, until it comes in, I am back to using my Palm Pilot. So, if you are a follower of mine on Twitter or my friend on Facebook/Myspace, sorry, the updates and emails will be reduced significantly until I get it back :( The good news is that I get upgraded from 8 gigs to 16 gigs, get the new features of the iphone and a brand new phone, for nothing basically, just a little inconvenience really.
Mom just left, sad. I'll post more pictures of the nursery as our window treatments and bedding get finished!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

26 weeks, 145 lbs.

Well, the week started off with me and my prissy little dog getting some much needed pampering, I took her to the grommer and got myself a mani and pedi...much needed people. I feel like I am always writing the horrid things about pregnancy on here, but there are definitely some good points too! So let's discuss: My nails grow out of control these days, and they are nice and strong, I now get my REAL nails done, not the fake kind! My hair is getting thicker and longer, still not thick or long enough, I don't think it will ever be though. People give me their chairs for no reason, well, besides that I am large. I like when people touch my belly, I'm not offended, or creeped first I was embarrassed because it really just looked and felt like a fat roll that everyone was staring at and rubbing on but now, it definitely looks and feels like a baby...i have grown to like it :) And mostly, I am so happy to be having this baby. No matter what this pregnancy throws at me, she is so worth it. I have longed for her so much. So, ignore my complaining and know that deep down, this is the best thing that ever happened to me (besides you Jus, oh and Jesus of course!) haha!
So with that said, I will briefly mention that the nausea has peeked it's ugly little head again. It is not as constant as it used to be, but when it hits, it is stronger than ever. Again, totally worth it but, as you can see in the weight area, I was making some steady progress until now...that is all I will say about that :)

Today, we go to see Charleigh again! I can't wait, I just know she is doing fine because she is constantly moving, all the time, non-stop. Pretty much everyone in our immediate families has gotten to feel her. It's not hard, you just push on one part of my belly for a few seconds and BAM, she kicks you...she does NOT like people invading her space or disdurbing her sleep (she is SO going to take after her daddy). Justin's new favorite thing is to WATCH her kick, or roll. He thinks it is the funniest thing when my whole stomach is just jumping away or totally deforming as she switches's pretty weird feeling too I must say. He also likes to put is ear up against my belly and see if Charleigh will kick his face...I'm not sure where he got that from but he just laughs when she does it...he's so cute! By the way, he is now training for a marathon. He really wants to accomplish this by next spring, so he started training early. He doesn't seem to think the whole, having a baby thing, is going to effect his training patterns, I'll be anxious to see how no sleep and running several miles a day will add up on his already high stress level. I'm praying for his sanity already.
This weekend we headed up to Bama for the Annual Shrimp Boil. It was a lot of fun. It was the first time a lot of my extended family got to see Charleigh, you know, sticking out there. We had it in Sharry and Josh's new spacious back yard and Grannie didn't bring anything that had been in her freezer for a year so...all in all, it was one of the best! While there we celebrated my mom's bday...Happy Birthday Mommy!
Tuesday was our first GMCGR Bible study over the summer. My friends Leah Taylor and Rachel Traylor came and said, "Hey, we'd like to work with the high school girls!" To which I thought..."Hmmm, someone else wants to disciple MY little babies and I get to sit back and watch?" OF COURSE! I agreed! So we worked hard and fast and started the Bible study that basically tells these girls what they believe and why they believe it...we are teaching them how to use a concordance with the bible in order to find out the Greek and Hebrew meanings of the words they are reading, how to find scripture and archeology to back up what they "think" they know...we had almost 80 folks there Tuesday night! I was blown away that they are so willing to give up a part of their summer to just, dig deeper. This ain't no flowery, feel good bible's grunt and work and dirty. Keep praying for these girls, we are trying to prepare them to lead evangelistic bible studies with their friends as they learn. I am so blessed to get to just see them in their's very motivating on my part as well.
Wednesday we had a little surprise party for Jon's 30th bday. He was definitely surprised. We took pictures that I will post someday...Ironically Jon isn't IN any of the pictures, just the girls...haha. We aren't self absorbed or anything...
Since Jon, Ang, Jack AND Joanna are in town this week, Paw Paw and Grandmama rented a beach house for us all to stay in for a few days. Jus and I didn't get to go last night but we will be laying our heads there tonight! yay!
I'll post pictures of Charleigh's ultrasound today when we get back!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

25 weeks, 144.5 lbs

Well last week started with a doctor's appointment with my regular OB, Dr. Mehta. These are usually the quick appointments, a little measuring here, a little chatting there. And sure enough that stuff went down, he said I measured 22mm and had gained 14 lbs. The 22mm part made me feel a bit better, I feel as if my stomach is 2 feet in front of me (maybe because everyone keeps saying, look how big you're getting!) to know that it actually measured just a bit small, assured me that it is a very "normal" belly. As for the 14 lbs., I think he is wrong! According to my measurements I've gained more than that! haha, I guess we weigh at different times of the day, maybe that is where the difference comes in?? Well, while we were there I let him know that my Sciatica had died down once again and the only complaint I really had was this sharp pain in the "middle of my butt" (kind of to the left). He felt around and as I pointed out the EXACT spot of the pain he said that my S1 joint (I think he called it a joint) was out of place. My dad had surgery because of this and he called it a vertebrae in his lower back...the one that had to do with the sciatic nerve...hmmm, it's all coming together now. So, even though I KNOW what the cause of the pain is, there is nothing I can do about it (of course) and when it really gets to hurting, I have to put pressure on it with my hand, which makes me walk funny and I really feel like one of those old ladies who walk around holding their backs...haha, a pregnant old lady at that! At this same visit my fears were realized as well, through all these ultrasounds and check ups they have always told me that my placenta was very low lying (too close to the cervix - where the baby comes out). I knew that we were looking for it to move, and it has...but only 1.5 cm. Dr. Mehta let me know that he was concerned that it hadn't moved more, and even though there may still be some time, I need to prepare myself for a possible c-section. As a matter of fact, he would schedule the c-section probably 3 weeks before my due date because he cannot risk me going into labor as the placenta would cause me to bleed profusely. Also, since she is SO LOW in there, he is afraid my labor would be very quick and there wouldn't be time to stop it before she shot out. haha, praying about that. I don't know what is best for me, but whatever is best for Charleigh is what we will have to do :)

Well, as if that were the end of my painful adventures this week...for at least 7 days I've felt this weird kind of pain in my abdomen (all you moms out there stop laughing, it's not just pregnancy I promise). It wasn't the regular round ligament pains, or aching because my belly was growing. It was much stronger and wouldn't go away for a while. I felt as if I had done a million sit ups the night before and now couldn't move any muscles in my abdomen without moaning in pain. I just assumed this is how pregnancy goes and didn't do anything about it. Well, it's gotten so bad that I can't even roll over at night (which I have to do because of the stupid scoliosis) without tremendous pain! So, I finally called the high risk doctor and what do you's just my luck...they diagnosed me with diatasis recti. Here is how the nurse explained it to me,

Nurse: "does it hurt really bad when you try to sit up from a laying position?"
Me: "YES!"
Nurse: "Does it feel like you worked out really hard and are so sore the next day?"
Me: "YES!"
Nurse: (asks about a million other questions to which I answer YES!)
Nurse: Well....(long sigh)
Me: (Oh crap!)
Nurse: This is not too common but some pregnant women do get this. It seems that you have diatasis recti. (of course I have no idea what that means) You know how your stomach muscles meet in the middle of your stomach and they stretch as the baby grows, well, yours rip instead.
Me: WHAT! My stomach muscles are ripping apart?
Nurse: Unfortunately, yes...but they are likely to go back together after delivery.

As comforting as that was, what could I do about this right now!!?? Nothing, of course! it just me or does it seem like my body is weirder than everyone elses...I've always got a new ailment to write about...this is not good for my paranoia.

Well, in other news we finally had our end of the year Chosen banquet for my bible study girls. It was awesome! The place looked great and we fed about 150 folks! I am going to miss those girls SO much but, our summer bible study starts on I'll get to love on some of them there :)

Among all that chaos, I experienced my last day as a school teacher. I could tell that my kids wanted me to be sadder...but I was just so happy. I think I am not too upset because I live one stinkin' mile from the school, and you KNOW i'll be up there next year showing off my baby girl! I just feel like I'm still connected you know...Anyway, Pace High school is the most amazing place of work. I LOVE my co-workers, I love how things are run there, I love the passion that goes into everything they do, sports, clubs,'s all just top notch. I am going to miss that place :(
On to better news...I finally got a mommy car! Here she is:
Seriously, I didn't realize how great it was to drive without your knees in your chest, having to change gears every 3 minutes and your legs at times falling asleep...but now, none of that. I have plenty of room, it's automatic and black with black leather interior (I love black on black because I secretly like to pretend I'm in the CIA).

Yesterday was beach day with Whit and Tiffani. As you can see in my belly picture above, I got a little crispy. Oops.

This week is one of the busiest of my summers...We head up to Bama for the Annual Shrimp Boil, I'll stay there a few days and go to my sister's ultrasound to find out if Charleigh will have a little girl cousin or boy cousin to play with, then mom and I come back to Pcola to start construction on Charleigh's nursery. In that time period, Joanna, Jon, Angie and Jackson are coming to visit and Charlie and Rachel are renting a beach house for all of us to stay in...whew! I seriously doubt I can pack all that excitement into one week! We'll see!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

24 weeks, 143.5 lbs

Still too busy to more week, okay who am I kidding, then I have VBS, then a visit to Bama for the Annual Shrimp Boil, then mom comes and we work day AND night on Charleigh's nursery (the dead animals are still there!)...Then youth camp, then...July! Oh well, at least I won't be going to school every day :)

Okay, so I am too excited about my recent purchase for Charleigh...They are little Sperry's! Her daddy LOVES Sperry's, he goes through them like toilet I thought in honor of him I would get her some, not to mention, look how cute they are! They have them in the "big girl" section too so I might just have to get me a pair (Jill, I'm sorry but I AM that corny...)

On another note, the last week I have been bombarded with Francis Chan. A few people mentioned him here, and a few more quoted him there. My first thought was "who is this guy?" but I just brushed it off. Then my pastor talked about him on Sunday...I leaned over to my friend Laura and informed her that I thought God was trying to tell me something through this Francis Chan character...and decided that "when I have time" I should read his book, Crazy Love. So, no joke, this morning I got a text from Justin's brother, he wanted to know our address so that he could mail us a book...I asked him what book it was and he said "Crazy Love"! What the heck, I get it God, I'll wait for the mail to come and I'll read it...I'm a little scared because I apparently REALLY need to hear what he has to say...