Monday, November 06, 2006

Halloween and Marriage!

Alrighty, Halloween was a blast. Other than the fact that our pumpkins that we slaved and sweated over crinkled, withered, smushed, and grew hairy mold after 2 days!!! Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?

I'm so glad we live in a cool neighborhood with tons of kids. Toby came over as her hillbilly, bucked teeth, big butted self and we set up our station on my front porch. I bought more candy than an army of crazy little ghosts and goblins could ever want. Purely for the sheer joy of being able to say, "take as much as you want" to the kiddies and seeing their faces light up with sugar high dreams! Oh and they did! I was a knockout for halloween this year, no really a KNOCKOUT......

Scary I know! Well I'm sure most of you enjoyed Prissy's first Halloween costume we modeled in our previous post. But due to the fact that she stands completely still when she is dressed as wonder woman (i think it has something to do with the insane stuffed arms that are not usually present in day to day life), we decided to wear her backup outfit on the actual halloween night. (what, you know your dog has more than one costume..........right?) haha, a girl can't wear just one dress to the party huh? so I now present to you Paris Hilton in all her glory.......

Yeah her glasses are called Doggles, made for dogs, them suckers won't come off if she shakes to the tenth power! Her boyfriend Louie has his studded Leather jacket too, I figured we could call him Colin Farrel, or any of the Hollywood bad boys. Paris needs a date ya know. Anyway, I loved sitting out there for hours talking to all the kids, even if we couldn't understand what they were saying. A lot of the teachers that I work with also live in our subdivision so I got to see them and all their kids. Justin decided he fervently enjoyed his Freddie Kruger mask last year and though we tried to find another scary mask that would be just as fun, we did not succeed. He went with what worked I guess. It was the funniest when Toby and I finally came back inside and just left the huge bucket of candy on the porch, hoping the last little trick or treaters would just grab what was left..........we would hear little voices at the door, then squeals of joy when they realized no one was there to supervise which granted permission to dump the whole thing into their respective baggies. Right at that moment, when they thought they were getting away with all the goodies......justin would open the door (in his business suit and a Freddie Kruger mask) and scare the daylights out of them. hahahhaa

Well, while Halloween was tons of fun, I have other big news to share. Sharry is married!! yay! Yes, this weekend we traveled to Bama and participated in all the wedding festivities. The wedding went off without a hitch. It was beautiful and lots of fun. We got my mom to do the Macarena (sp?), and Josh (the groom) to do the cha cha slide..........Note to self: Josh needs Cha cha lessons after the honeymoon. I'm an idiot and didn't take any pictures with my own camera, so I will have to depend on others and the photographer to give me some........I'll be sure to post them then!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pictures finally!

So I basically dropped off the face of the blogger planet for a while there. But I am proud to announce that my spaceship has officially landed safely in the backyard of our wonderful love nest. Oh the many things I have deprived my readers of let me count them one by one:

1. Jeff and Laura finally gave the world a beautiful baby boy, whom I am now obessesed with......Lane Micheal. Seriously too cute.

2. We had fall break at the beginning of October. Justin's family rented an out of this world beach house down at Grayton Beach. We had the most amazing room with a balcony that opened right up to the water every morning. And for once Justin and I actually watched the sunrise together (usually we don't even roll over for the first time that early in the morning)

3. then I came home to go to Ashley's bridesmaid's luncheon at Norma's, yum, yum.

4. Then it was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Hemingways which was tons of fun. I learned that Hambone has the most family of anyone on the planet....including me!

5. And we can't forget about the awesome wedding that followed. So much fun! Ash was gorgeous and I'm glad I got to stay for the whole reception!

6. I went to Bama to throw Sharry (my sis) the most slammin' lingerie shower of all times! She was thoroughly embarrassed by the sexy firegirl outfit Brandy and I got for her.......but I made sure to show that one to Josh so she can't hide it come honeymoon time. I'm evil, I know it. Anyway, this is my 2 year old husband wrestling with my neices and nephews.....they love him.

7. I celebrated my 24th birthday! I had to go to school and teach the kiddies but I had an awesome surprise when a child with a huge arrangement of flowers for a head burst into my 3rd block class. So sweet, yet, I was consumed with the thought that that kid was so friggin cool for not falling as he walked blindly from the front office all the way to the math building. I got roses and lillies, my favorite. Funny, how he knew. I mean, I guess not so funny being that he IS my husband. But we take for granted how much we know about each other. No other man probably really knows what kind of flowers I like........I'm glad.

8. The next day Audge and I hit up Portofino where I fell in love with a woman named Susan, my massage therapist. Wow, how did I go my whole life without visiting this place. The pure relaxation, the elixars (sp?), the pedicures, the massages, the sauna, the cool little robes and slippers you walk around, if it were a country club, I would join! After our 5 hour excursion I came home and got ready for a night with my love. We started by particiapating in our annual pumpkin carving. I tried to be all ellaborate and carve "Trick or Treat" on my pumpki while Justin took a whopin' 5 minutes to carve your traditional pumpkin face. Then we went to Jackson's. I had never been and was kind of scared because hoity toity places never have food that I like. But man was I wrong?? It was fabulous! Justin introduced me to two very expensive habits this weekend.........he'll regret that!

9. And yes, Megan and I participated in Pet Smarts "Howl-O-Ween" pictures. But I will be glad to say that there are many other obsessive dog owners out there, hundreds of them who are willing to humilate their pups for a laugh and a picture. Even wierd old guys.

So anyway, that is all I can think of for now. I go back and edit this thing tomorrow with all the pictures!