Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He felt her kick!

Yay! For the first time last night Jus felt her kick. I told him she had been active ALL day and especially for the last 10 minutes, she wasn't letting up. He placed his hand on my belly with a "not so optimistic" look on his face...she never kicks when he is there :( But almost immediately, when she felt her daddy's hand she kicked it! The look on his face was beyond precious. He just smiled real big, looked at me and said, "Was that my baby girl?" I assured him it was and then it became a game. He wouldn't take his hand off after that, and she surely kept on kicking him. He wouldn't let me tell him when she would kick...he wanted to tell me instead! He was right, every time too. I think she has gotten good at aiming because she would kick right on his fingertips every time. I noticed this also when I was using my fetal doppler to listen to her heartbeat last week. She has gotten to where every time I put the transponder thingy on my belly she will kick it exactly! And that thing isn't very big. She's a good marksman. I think she is going to be a Rockette!

Also, here is the video Justin was able to get at our ultrasound last week. Sorry it's a little late. Charleigh is quite the active one, Holiday kept saying she was having to chase her all around my belly. That's why the pictures aren't that great this time, she wouldn't stay still long enough! I love her little active self!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

19 weeks, 135.5 lbs

Well, the growing has started and it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon! This week has been exciting. We had our 18 week doctor's appointment and got to see little Charleigh for the first time in a MONTH! (to me, physco, paranoid mom...that's a lifetime!) She was just so precious as usual. This was the first time she was too big to fit her whole body unto the ultrasound screen! Unless of course she was all cuddled up like babies do. Paw Paw (Justin's dad) got to come to this ultrasound, he is so cute pointing out everything and asking, "What is that?". My dad was the same way :) Here are the pictures from the ultrasound:
She's still a little girl!

One baby foot.

Charleigh had her feet on the right side of my belly button, her hinny right at my belly button and her head was nuzzled down in my pelvis (seems like she is ready to get out already!) This made it hard to get a good picture of her profile. So, this is one of the best we could manage.

These are her legs all stretched out! Can you believe it...what baby does that? (her feet are on the left her knees are in the middle of the picture and her "groin" is on the right..yes, they are apparently that long!)

Another baby foot...she LOVES to show off her feet. And as of now they are BOATS! 1 inch long!

Here is her whole body in one frame...her feet are all curled up.

I'm not a big fan of the skeletor, creepy pictures but this is kind of can see the lens of her eye! and her hand that is scratching her head.

The video clips are on my school computer so I will post those tomorrow!
So anyway, like I said, this week was crazy. I took a spontaneous trip to P'ville this weekend so that my mom and I could take all day Friday and Saturday to register at every baby place imaginable! You think I'm kidding...I had to register at several different places because people are wanting to throw me a shower up in Bama AND down here in Pcola...which I am NOT complaining about, we need all the help we can get! But, there are some stores that aren't available here or vice versa. So, anyway, I'll be logging on every day to make sure I see what has been purchased so that I can take it off any other store's registery! Woo Hoo, fun fun!
I feel so much better though, I had no idea which stroller I would want, if I would remember everything I needed to register for, or things like...which bottles to register for. And I definitely had no idea which breast feeding items to register for. But with the help of mom...we did it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

18 weeks, 134 lbs. (I feel like 180!)

This is what pregnancy has done to my brain...haha, I had no idea the sign was upside down until I uploaded the picture.

This week WAS a week of large growth! As you can see by the weight gainage, 2 whole pounds in one week! (Which may have something to do with the whole bowel thing...which is still a problem, so if next week I come back and have dropped a "few"'ll know why) And I think it is safe to say I am officially "showing" haha, my doctor did say I would pop like a popcorn kernel right? I feel like my stomach is actually going to POP! Last night Justin and I were marveling at just how tight it can get without actually popping...has there ever been a pregnant woman whose belly popped? If so, I'm going to start being paranoid about that as well...I can't imagine what it is going to feel like when I'm 40 weeks...woe is me!
Symptoms: Nausea is much better, I still have that middle of the night barf fest but other than that...pretty good! I am eating like a stinking horse! Even when I am not hungry now. I don't think I am "supposed" to do that...but, I love food now!
Justin and I are on a mission to get him to "feel" Charleigh kicking. So far, no luck. I know it will be a while, but we'll keep trying until we get it!
Okay so here is what I've learned this week:
During worship on Sunday morning Dr. Leo Day (our music minister) stopped to read some scripture out of Isaiah, Isaiah 43 to be exact. Here is what he read,
Isaiah 43:18-19
"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland."
Let me tell you the significance of this verse. After our first miscarriage, we were lucky enough to get pregnant three months later. But, only having bad experiences to draw from...I was beyond worried. I was anxious, almost to the point of non-functioning. My friend Jill gave me this verse...I should let the past be the past, and grab hold of the new thing God was doing in my life. Even though my wish for a child was a dessert so far, God could make it spring up with streams of abundance. So I did that, I prayed that verse and proclaimed it over our "new" baby. Much to my surprise...we still lost little Sweet Pea. I was devastated and couldn't understand why God DIDN'T want to give me good things...I was hopeless.
Fast forward a bit, we had the third miscarriage and the next month fell pregnant with my little Miracle (AKA: Charleigh). You can imagine with three failed pregnancies behind was hard for me to "attach" myself to this fourth child. I wanted her so badly but, I was scared to be disappointed and hurt once again. I began thinking very negative thoughts, about how or first doctor's appointment would go. I just didn't have true hope for this precious baby. And then, haha, one day I was standing in line at Hobby Lobby and checking out the candy on my way to the register. I noticed they had this gum called "Testamints" which had scripture on the back of every pack. I thought it was a cute idea so I bought a pack. I turned it over to read the was Isaiah 43:18-19. It was the first time I had seen that scripture since our 2nd baby. And although, it wasn't THAT big of a deal, it affected me. Out of all the scriptures that could be written on that little pack of gum, John 3:16, The Great Commission, The Great Commandment, heck, hundreds more popular scriptures could have been there...but, it was Isaiah 43!
So, I'll get to the point...this pregnancy is healthy, it's lasting, and I'm officially "attached". I've let myself start believing positive thoughts about this child and planning for our future with her. So, when Bro. Leo read this verse on Sunday, it caught my attention and I kept reading on down. I came across verses 22-26:
"Yet you have not called upon me, O Jacob, you have not wearied yourselves for me, O Israel.
You have not brought me sheep for burnt offerings, nor honored me with your sacrifices. I have not burdened you with grain offerings nor wearied you with demands for incense. You have not bought any fragrant calamus for me, or lavished on me the fat of your sacrifices. But you have burdened me with your sins and wearied me with your offenses. I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more. Review the past for me, let us argue the matter together; state the case for your innocence."
And I got it...God wanted to give me the things he promised in verses 18-19 but, was I living up to my end of the bargain? Had I truly wearied myself for him? I think about the little things that happened between the three miscarriages and this healthy pregnancy...and I think, I really think, that I started doing my part....not just asking for a child over and over, but focusing instead on what I could do for my God in the meantime. #1 - I have now started to "weary" myself for him. My work with the girl's ministry and youth group, is my joy, but is also very wearisome after a full time job and running your own small business. But, in Decemeber, I took the responsibility of being the director of this girl's ministry, regardless of the extra work it would entail. I think God really wanted that from me. Then I started thinking about my offerings and sacrifices...And although I am not going to go into detail but...financially Justin and I decided to "offer and sacrifice" a few things in order to support the huge project our church is doing with the new Ministry Village we are building. I feel really uncomfortable putting that on here but I truly want to get the point across that my actions during this time period were in God's will. Finally. We were starting to make sacrifices and offerings that weren't there before.
Before, I lived up to the second part of those verses...all I had managed to do was burden him with my sins, weary him with our offenses. In the last verse I even sense a hint of sarcasm...God, suggests that we sit down and "review" my offenses...he even says, he'll let me "argue" my point and we will see if I am innocent. After you go through such hard times over and over again, you start blaming yourself in a way. I remember sitting down and thinking of all the things I've done that could have brought this hurt upon me. Before these occurences, I'm pretty sure I thought I was "hot stuff"...goody-two-shoes, not too many blots on my record...but after this time...I literally sat down with God and took account of ALL my sins. I think i probably argued my point a time or two but in the end...came up guilty. I think God needed all of these from me. Now, I am not trying to say that I checked all the boxes and did everything right and THAT is why I have my precious Charleigh...I just think, God wanted so badly to give me all the good things I desired but was waiting on my heart, my mind, and my be ready. Anyway, I might be totally off...but, that is what I feel I have been taught this week.
On another note, I feel like this pregnancy is taking FOREVER! I want so badly for it to hurry up so I can hold her and know everything turns out okay. I just want her to be here! But then, I start thinking of EVERYTHING I have to do to get ready for her...and AHHHH, she needs to stay in there for a while! There is no way I'm getting all this done! It's a weird feeling.
Thursday is our 18 week appointment where they check all the organs and make sure they are functioning properly. Dr. Maher's office does this every time but I think now that the baby has grown so much, they will be able to see even more than before :) I'm excited to see her again, it's been a whole month! I've been okay with the anxiety factor since I can feel her and hear her heartbeat all the time now...but I want to see her again!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

High fives all around!

Note to expecting mothers...the fetal doppler heartrate monitor is AWESOME! It came yesterday and I couldn't tear into that box fast enough. I turned it on and applied the ultrasound gel. I laid flat on the couch. I took a few breaths and prepared myself to "not" find the heartbeat since the doctor had warned me that I'd have to get good at using the thing. But, as soon as that transponder touched my belly....there she was! It said she was at 150bpm which seems normal...she's usually 160bpm when she's squirming and kicking around but I could tell at this time that she was sleeping (no movement for a little while). Speaking of which, she has been moving up a storm! I'm so excited to know it's her and feel her all the time...she's quite active, should I be worried? So, I called Justin and let him listen to the heartbeat over the phone, then my mom...haha. I was then afraid that the doppler rays would hurt Charleigh (not sure why I thought that, I'm paranoid I told ya) so, I put it away for a while. Then Justin called back a little while later and wanted to put the heartbeat on speaker phone for the guys in his office...we honestly think others care about this as much as we do :) Once Justin got home we broke it out and listened just one more time. I could tell that Charleigh was moving around before we started so it was harder to find her this time...Jus wanted to do it all by himself so, it was funny watching him chase her with that little probe, he would find it, listen for a bit and then she would move. I promise not to use it ALL the time...but it may get some definite use right here at the beginning. I really can't wait to listen to other little baby's hearbeats with it too! Like my sister's baby or friends...I'm taking it to church this Sunday to see if Susie wants to hear little Lucas's heartbeat!

Second bout of good news...the doc called and our Quad Screening came back normal! This is the bloodwork they do at about 16 weeks that tests for Trisomy 18, Down's Syndrome, and Spinabifida. I am SO glad to know that Charleigh is not at risk for any of these...
I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, God had allowed Justin and I to walk through our past struggles and to yearn for a child so badly that if he finally gave us one with a disability or disadvantage in life, we'd be ready...just goes to show you that I'm glad I don't make the plans around here.

I was really excited to find out that my first shower is being planned as we speak! And it's in one month! I know people don't usually have showers that early in their pregnancy but my teacher friends want to give me one before I leave (for good) and I will be leaving (for good) At the end of May/beginning of June so...good thing I already know EXACTLY how I want the nursery and such. Plus, I'm probably the easiest person to buy, sparkly, polka got it! I've got to register! Oh, scratch that last statement...I GET to register!! I'm so excited!
Better yet, Jus and I have GOT to start cleaning out the man room in preparation for ALL Charleigh's stuff. Where am I going to put the treadmill? We are seriously thinking about getting new floors (well, I'm thinking about it more than Justin...but he participates in the thought periodically) Mom's going to come down at the beginning of the summer so we can get started painting Charleigh's room! I can't wait to "unveil" it to everyone, I'm in love with the idea, hope it turns out as pretty as it is in my head.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

17 weeks, 132 lbs.

My baby books say that this week was a week of rapid growth for Charleigh. It seems that it was a week of rapid growth for my belly too! I was so surprised that I had only gained one surely feels like more!

I can tell that my womb has started migrating out of the pelvis region and more up into the tummy area. Going to the bathroom has been cut in HALF! My bladder isn't squished anymore! I even slept through the night and didn't have to get up to pee! (now, I was hurting the next morning but still!) I even think my nightly back pain is better...about the same as it was before pregnancy. And the nausea, well, it's staying at bay pretty well too. Although I will be glad when I can finally throw that zofran prescription out the window for good...not that I'm impatient or anything :)

I am feeling Charleigh every day now...several times just today. Now that I'm sure it's her, I feel her more (I think I am just noticing her more to be honest). I can't believe she moves as much as she does...or that I feel it this soon. I wasn't expecting to feel her until 18-20 weeks...but I am SOOOO thankful she showed up early. I needed to feel her...she's kicking right now! (she knows I'm talking about her....paranoid, just like her mama!)

Update on the fetal doppler heartrate monitor: I took forever to decide which one I wanted to order, searched mommy site after mommy site to read reviews and what not...and finally bit the bullet and ordered the one with the best reviews. I shipped it to my mom's house (as I thought it would come during Easter weekend) and unfortunately, it came the day AFTER I left! ahhhhh! So, marms shipped it back to me and I should be getting it tomorrow! I'm so excited to use it. I just hope it works! Now that I can feel her I don't desperately need it like I thought I did before, now, I kinda know she is okay every time she wiggles ;)

I'm so excited that Susie's little baby Lucas will be joining us any day now! I can't wait to go see them in the hospital and see his sweet face for the first time! Jus and I saw a little 2 week old baby girl at my mom's church on Sunday and she was PRECIOUS, already had her pearl bracelet on and made us sooo excited to meet Charleigh one day! I just CANNOT wait.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, Easter is just AWESOME! I have always loved Easter because of WHAT it means but I love it now even more, I love the colors and the decorations...the festivities...everything about it is happy and bright and just...great.

So, the "thumping" that I thought was Charleigh late last week, I am almost CERTAIN is her now. Now these aren't HUGE kicks or elbows or anything, just tiny little movements deep down. I think I have found a way to describe what she feels like right now...Have you ever exercised really hard and then sat down right afterwards (like to drive home from the gym or something?) and felt your legs twitch. I feel this little twitch deep down in my muscles every time I exercise. Just in my legs... but now, that little feeling is in my belly! Don't get me wrong, they are not twitches that you can see and you can barely feel them unless you are really still, but they ARE there! I notice her moving usually late at night before I am ready for bed. Usually after I go to the bathroom and empty my bladder (and colon if possible) and I sit down real still to watch a tv show or just relax on the couch...that's when she makes her presence known :) I love it and I know it will just get stronger and more frequent every day...

So, back to Easter. I left Thursday night, drove to Bama and collapsed in my parents' living room (I was SO tired from driving). On the way there I had a pregnancy FIRST! I stopped at Church's chicken on the way, I really wanted a honey butter biscuit, and I actually walked inside instead of going through the drive-through (doc said I had to walk every 2 hours or so to prevent blood clots). So the nice old man at the cash register took my order and then said to me..."So, you're having a baby?!" I looked around really quickly to make sure he was talking to me, then I looked at everything I had on my body to see if I MUST have had a sign of impending baby right? but, it was just me, in my regular jeans and a non-maternity top (but it had an empire waist so it could have looked maternity-ish) and after a few seconds of silence I just smiled real big and said, "YES!, but you are brave for asking!" So, that was my first STRANGER to notice that I was pregnant! Exciting! And I am glad to know that it doesn't just look like a fat belly! It looks like a baby :)

The next day my mom and I went to all the cool baby and maternity stores in the Birmingham area...I got my first pair of maternity pants and although I CAN wear my regular clothes...why would I do that! Maternity clothes are the BOMB! I had to pay good money at the Swanky Stork for my new mommy jeans but, they were seriously worth it! And they are darn cute too! I got some other maternity shirts and a cute little cotton dress that my belly will have to grow in to :) I kept myself from buying anything for Charleigh...aren't you all surprise and so proud of my will-power...I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff quite yet. Once I start, I'm afraid I'll never stop.

Saturday I went shopping AGAIN with Sharry in Montgomery so, no stone was un-turned. we had fun and then relaxed while dad cooked us burgers on the grill. He must have used extra blackening because I woke up with some serious heartburn that night, I just chugged milk until it calmed down. K.C. and his boys came over to introduce Prissy to her new cousin Yorkie named Bama. She absolutely HATED him! I knew she would, she thinks she is human and dogs are beneath her. (It's our fault for not doggie socializing her) She just snapped and growled at him the whole time, she even refused to look at him, she would turn her face the other way...haha. But Bama, didn't get the hint, he just kept trying to play with her, he was so cute and sweet, still such a puppy. I was hoping he would bite her back so she might get the hint! Don't worry, Prissy doesn't "really" bite, she just snarls and didn't hurt little Bama.

Then came Sunday. We went to church with mom and dad and then hung out in their Sunday School class. They were sooo sweet, they just about made me cry hugging and loving us, they have been prayer warriors for our sweet baby girl and I am SO thankful for them. I can't wait to introduce Charleigh to them. Then, it was FAMILY time. Everyone came over to eat lunch and hunt easter eggs. I love watching those kids run like crazy around the yard so excited over each little egg. But really, they are all in search of the GOLDEN egg...which contains 5 bucks every year. I don't blame them, go for the money! My Aunt/Uncle and little neices made Charleigh a special cookie and gave me an adorable little charm bracelet! I've always loved gifts but, getting things for Charleigh are just so special to me :)

One of the most exciting things that happened was that my sis, Brandy, gave me TONS of Tatum's old clothes! We'll have to go through and see what is still good to wear and what not, but I'm talking TONS of clothes! One whole bag was pretty little smocked outfits...I'm so excited!

In light of Easter, I'd like to list some things that I am thankful for:
-my family, they are crazy and full of drama at times but, I always miss them when we leave. They've always been there and will always be.
-Good Friday, how could the one who lives to be my King, die to be my Savior. When I really think about what Jesus went through on the cross...not just the pain and physical torture but the mental torture too...people walking by and mocking him, saying, "If you are the son of God, save yourself"...I am so glad that I wasn't the one on the cross, because all of you would be doomed...I would have jumped off that cross and called thousands of angels just to PROVE myself to them. What humility to just KNOW that you have that power but not to use it...thank you Jesus for that. And then the spiritual torture. My God has promised NEVER to leave me or forsake me but in that moment, Jesus said, "My God My God, why have you forsaken me!?" I know that in that moment my God had to turn his back on Jesus, the one child of his that actually pleased him in everything he did...but it's because all of my unpleasing ways, that Jesus had to be forsaken in that moment. I know that was torture for him...I'm so sorry, but so thankful too.
-Easter, that he raised from the dead three days later!! Can you name any other "god" who claimed that they would rise from the dead? NO, because they KNEW that they wouldn't...but not my Jesus, he knew, and he claimed and HE DID! This is what makes him different. Buddha, Muhammad, Gahndi...when they are put in the ground, they stay God is different, he is still alive! As much as I fear (even now) sending Charleigh out into this dark, evil world to fend for herself, I KNOW that my prayers for her will be answered, I know that if her father and I live our lives out in front of her completely passionate and on fire for Jesus, she will see something better, more intriging at home than anything this world could ever offer her. I am clinging to the fact that my God is ALIVE and will be active in her life. I pray for that even now.
-I'm thankful for my husband, who does love my Jesus so. But even beyond that, he is just a good man. He lets me win arguments, even when I don't deserve it...that makes me want to be more agreeable...he does the sweetest things, even when I am so very undeserving (I'm flat out mean these days, the hormones are RAGING). I am so thankful for him, I don't think I could ever let him know how much.
-and last, oh, I am so very thankful for my little Charleigh angel! I try so hard to praise God for her and to somehow explain to him how grateful I am and it's almost....pointless...there is no words I can use that would do it justice, I almost feel frustrated that I can't give him back the amount of praise he deserves for every great thing he has given me lately. I know I have to keep trying but...I just hope deep deep down that he sees it, my heart just cries for him to see it.

I forgot my camera and didn't get any pictures so I am hoping to steal some from my sis soon and posting them on here!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I think I felt her...I think...

Seriously, I really think it was her this time. Last night Jus and I are minding our own business, watching American Idol and very lightly there was a little thump in my lower abdomen. It was different than anything I've felt before. It's not where my stomach or my intestines was in a weird place, I just know it had to be her. I don't know how to describe it except was her! It didn't feel like fluttering butterflies like everyone says it will...she wasn't THAT active I guess. I just felt two little thumps, and then, a few minutes later, a couple more....then it stopped.

I woke up last night thinking I felt her again but I'm not sure if I was just dreaming that it happened again? Anyway, she hasn't been noticable today so far but I'm hoping it becomes more and more frequent! yay!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

16 weeks, 131 lbs.

Doctor's appointment yesterday went well. It was the first time they didn't do an ultrasound! Which was weird but made me feel strangely NORMAL...although I did miss seeing my sweet girl. Oh well, we'll see her definitely in two weeks when we go to our high risk doc for the BIG checkup (which really, every ultrasound there is a BIG checkup, that's why they last so long!). Dr. Mehta actually measured my belly for the first time....he didn't tell me how much it measured and I don't know how much I'm supposed to measure? He asked me when I thought I would start needing maternity clothes to which I replied...uhhhhh....He assured me that I could probably still fit my regular clothes for another 4 to 6 weeks and then, I would pop like a popcorn kernel. So I guess in short, Charleigh is still microwaving...

Okay, now here is the part of the blog where you get WAY too much, I haven't had a BM in at least five days. I haven't felt uncomfortable or anything but I just know that this is not a good thing. So I asked the doc what to do (I'm already downing Metamucil) and he suggested I guzzle half a bottle of magnesium citrate...and then he prepared me for the worst. Everyone I talked to who had "experiences" with the stuff warned me as well...things were about to go down! Well, I got finished with my girl's bible study ( I didn't DARE drink it before then) and when I got home I suffered through the stuff. And then...two hours later...nothing. I finally got tired and went to bed, figuring I would be up later that night but...still, nothing. Even this morning...What the heck, the doc said it was a sure fire cure...So, I'll guzzle the other half and see what "happens" tonight. Maybe I just really don't have to go??

Symptoms: Sense of smell comes and goes, so strong one minute and completely normal the next, very strange. I really really think the nausea is subsiding a bit, I can't throw the pills away quite yet but still...I'm somewhat functioning! Doc said the pressure in my tailbone is because my uterus has shifted and is now pushing that direction...At least it doesn't feel like Charleigh is going to fall out anymore...haha. Do you other mother's think silly things like this? I feel like I am phsyco or something! My mom once told me that she dreamed my little sister was a dolphin and couldn't shake the feeling for days! I guess I get my craziness naturally, huh?

I cannot WAIT for this weekend. I am going up Thursday night after school to Bama, spending the whole day Friday with my mom shopping at all the cute baby places in Bham and then family and Easter time on Sunday :) It's the first time I've seen everyone since I've been pregnant! I wish I had a little more to show for it but...whatev.

I've prepared a tiny little Easter basket for Charleigh...I know she is unborn but still, if I eat the chocolate bunny, technically SHE eats the chocolate bunny right!? Plus, Whitney and I found the cutest little baby plaque that says "Little Miracle" on it...she is my little miracle for sure so I bought it to go in her basket!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

And just like that...the name happened!

So, I know today is our 16 week mark, but I REALLY did not have enough time this morning to take a belly picture or weigh, this post will be added tomorrow:)

In the mean time...we decided on a name! I would have never guessed that our daughter would have a name by the looks of things you can tell by my post. But, I went home and my husband decided to put an end to the madness. He is so special and it is so amazing to me how he can be so opinionated and strong willed, yet, eventually, he ALWAYS lets me have my way! I love him!
So, here is the story...

Before we knew the gender of our baby we were already busy thinking about baby names. I really like calling little girls by little boy Charlie. It just so happens that Justin's middle name is Charles. I just fell in love with the thought of naming my little girl after her daddy. But, you can't really just name a little girl have to name her a girly name and like Charlotte or Charlene and just call her Charlie for short...right? But I don't like any of those "long" names for a girl....uhhhh. So, a few weeks passed and I was looking at baby name books and there it was...they had the name Charlie spelled "Charleigh"...very girly! We decided to take both our middle names and there you have it...our daughter....Charleigh Lynnee...I love her!

What excites me most is picturing my little pig-tailed girl who can't quite pronounce her r's yet, as someone asks her, "Hey little girl, what's your name?" And she responds, "Chaw-leigh". Aww, how cute! I can't wait to meet her. Speaking of which, Jus and I keep trying to picture how Charleigh will look? Jus thinks she will be blonde and curly headed like I was growing up, but I think she will have dark features like him...dark, thick, straight hair and brown eyes. So, what is the consensus? Should we prepare for a toe-head or a Suri look alike?

Monday, April 06, 2009

My nameless child...

Oh the debate NEVER ends. I was the one who ALWAYS hated going to a baby shower where the mother hadn’t picked out a name yet…I mean what am I supposed to monogram on all that STUFF!?? Yet….I am afraid I may just BE that mommy…with a nameless child.

On another note, the extreme pressure I felt (down there) last week has now moved to my tailbone…it almost feels as if my tailbone is bruised or something…really weird. I’ve read that it could be due to misalignment of the back (which lord knows, I have) or instability of the tailbone…I did crack/bruise my tailbone during cheerleading in high school maybe now it’s unstable?? Who knows, I like to self-diagnose. Anyway, that kid likes to hang out down around that area and cause all kinds of havoc.

On a great note, we are getting a fetal Doppler heartrate monitor! Yay, it’s just that little contraption that the doc uses to hear the heartbeat…but the ones you can find at BabiesRus and places of the such do NOT work…so we are going for the high dollar sucker. We were just going to rent it, but it was cheaper to just buy the darn thing. I sure hope it works, all the reviews are super positive. I’ll let you know when we get it! I’m excited to ease my fears daily by hearing that little 160 beats a minute…something in the back of my mind keeps nagging…I just want to know that this time is…REAL.

I hate to even speak the words into the air but..I THINK the nausea may be getting better??!! The last couple of days I have been able to trim down to 1 or 2 nausea pills a day…It definitely still hits but before, if I went one hour overdue for my next dose, you knew it…now I can wait hours between them and preggie pop drops are enough to calm my queasiness! Yay. Although, I hope I don’t have to kick myself for saying that…a few nights ago I informed my husband that I was feeling quite well and was going to skip my nausea pill that night…before the words hit his ears purple vomit spewed from every orifice (I drank grape juice). Oops.

Tomorrow is our 16 week appointment with Dr. Mehta, they’ll do an ultrasound and take some bloodwork…I was just getting in the habit of NOT giving bloodwork. Boo.

So, I leave you with my latest CRAFTS!

I made this nap mat for my nephew Carter, he just started going to day care. It rolls up all nice and I appliqued his name on the outside (just in case any other kids had the exact same nap mat..ya know :) I also added a nifty elastic handle for ease of carrying.

Here is the mat all rolled out and ready to sleep on. I built in a pillow and attached a blanket (it's SOOO soft).
Here is a picture of the coordinating velcro straps that hold the thing closed while it's all rolled up.
Prissy wants to lay in it...but I didn't let her Carter...I promise!
I've also been wanting to make a crayon carrying roll for the longest...cute, yet practical. But I haven't found the time or reason until now. Our friends Kristen and Jeremy had a birthday party for their little boy Joshua and I just thought it would be perfect to try this craft out for him! I thought it was just too cute! I monogrammed his name on the Velcro closure (for girls I would just use a tied ribbon) and added a handle so he can carry it by himself!

I can't wait to make a girly version of both of these! But little baby Tyner won't be needing them for a LONG time :) I plan to add both of these crafts to my website, but I have to warn those of you nap mat lovers out there...they are expensive to make! The foam and particular fabrics you need to use are pricey, so don't be surprised if they are a bit high on the site as well...I'm trying but goodness, they cost me an arm and a leg over here! They are super cute and sooo worth it though!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

15 weeks, 130.5 lbs

Well, well, well week 15 has already become a roller coaster. I've had several people notice my little "pooch"... of course they are the folks that already know I'm pregnant so, they are looking for it.

The last few days I’ve felt some weird pressure in my LOWER abdomen, I just figured that “this must be what it feels like to be pregnant”. Well, yesterday I seemed to notice it a bit more, especially when I stood up or sat down…for a split instant the pressure was so great that it would take my breath away. So, I called Dr. Maher’s office and his nurse assured me that it was probably round ligament pain. As the day went on I started doing some research and my symptoms could have been symptoms of an incompetent cervix, which means…my cervix is too weak to hold the baby in there and the weight of the baby is too much for it. This leads to miscarriage in the second trimester (because you give birth to the baby too soon). So….I began to worry, the pressure was just like women describe labor, the pressure they feel…in the same places (if you know what I mean) So, I called Dr.Mehta and they said they would squeeze me in. They did an exam which started like so:

Doc: “Wow”
Me: (in my head thinking) “What is he saying wow about? The baby must be coming out, he’s never seen anything like this before, why else would he say wow…this isn’t good”…(out loud) “What is the WOW about?”
Doc: “Oh sorry, the baby is fine but, you are carrying EXTREMELY low….like, lower than most women carry with their second or third pregnancies”
Me: “Is that bad?”
Doc: “No just very uncomfortable, and it’s going to get worse and worse, but there is no harm to the baby at all. The cervix looks perfect, it’s closed, hard, and long like it should be. That baby is not getting out any time soon. But you WILL be feeling uncomfortable FOREVER!”
Me: “I don’t care, well I do care, but as long as that baby is in there, it’s okay”

He went on to tell me that by 8 months I was going to want a tranquilizer, but that it COULD make for a quick delivery??? No promises on that. He also, let me know that he would be surprised if I didn’t pee 80 times a day as the child is resting directly on my bladder which is now the size of a baseball apparently and half of my colon…yay!

Anyway, Sorry if this is too much information.

So, all is well. Geez, what a scare.