Tuesday, March 31, 2009

14 week ultrasound pictures

So I just got these uploaded finally... Today I am 15 weeks so, I'll post a belly pic of that tomorrow. People have started looking at my stomach now, I can tell they are she just getting fat or what? haha

I think her legs are cute all curled up like this

Stretching out her legs
Sucking her thumb...again
And again...(this picture is from above, the top of her head)

This my favorite...the bottom of her cute little feet!

I think I see a ballerina in our future...1st position anyone?

And the best part...Girl PARTS!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess!

So, we are ecstatic to say..."It's a GIRL!" We are so happy and were both secretly hoping for a little baby girl! Don't get me wrong, we would have loved a boy as well, but, we both had a feeling it was a girl :)

My mom and dad drove down for the big ultrasound and before we went back to the room my mom pointed out that we both (Justin and I) subconsciously wore blue... she was right...weird.

Here are some short video's of our little princess kicking and even clapping?? It was too funny. And at the end of the ultrasound, she fell back asleep, but the technician was even giggling about her position...she was laid back with both her hands behind her head, elbows pointing up like she was relaxing in a hammock...hahah, it was just as funny as you are picturing it. A little 3.5 inch baby posing for the camera...she is a ham already I'm afraid! I hate that we didn't get a picture of that moment.

I'll have to post all the fun pictures once I get to school on Monday and can scan them!

The doc also relieved any of our fears about abnormalities, he said he is quite certain that there is nothing wrong with our baby at all, everything looks just, that is so relieving to hear.

Until next time...I have to go buy something PINK!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

14 weeks, 130 lbs

Not too much time to write or much to write about... so I'll keep it short.

Symptoms and cravings are the same as always...tried to come off my nausea medicine again...bad idea. I get to stop taking my Progesterone prescription now that I made it to 14 weeks. One less to take, yay.

We get to find out the gender TOMORROW. Let's all pray that the kid is in a good mood and we get the "good" ultrasound technician...I wonder if you can put in special requests.

I'll write more tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

13 weeks, 129lbs

13 weeks down, one Brazilian more to go! Or so it feels like.

Symptoms so far: I was SO looking forward to second trimester and NO more vomiting seems to have gotten worse. My magic little pill has lost it's luster and I'm gagging through the high dosage...wah. So I've started turning to natural cures, even though they didn't work for me in the beginning...combining them all together now, seems to be helping. I down saltines and ginger ale all day, preggie pops are pretty good, and mint stuff (which I hated before pregnancy) does they trick at times. Also, my sense of smell has heightened like never before. EVERYTHING is killing me. I almost cannot stand to be in my own smells so BAD. Well, the kitchen (where the garbage can is) and the laundry room (where Prissy's pee pad is) smell horrible. The rest of the house just smells opposite of the way I want it to smell. I paid all this money to get these great new air fresheners from Bath and Body..the Wallflowers, and filled about 20 of them around my house with Vanilla Nutmeg (I believe that was the flavor)...they were delicious...until pregnancy hit and now, they make me want to throw up my toe nails. I have collected all of them (it took a few trips) and thrown them in the garage just to get them away from my nose. But now, my house still smells like them. I've tried to find other fragrances to cover it up but, I can still smell that stupid Nutmeg everywhere I turn. The only place in the house that I didn't have one of those air fresheners was in our, I like to spend my time in there.

Cravings so far: I haven't had cravings as much as aversions here lately.

Things I've learned: If my husband can love me through these mood swings and sick days, he can love me through anything. I get absolutely NOTHING done around the house anymore. I am by far the worst wife and housekeeper of all time right about now. I don't think I would be as understanding and loving as he if the tables were turned...but, I'm sure glad he is. After I snapped at him (several times I'm sure) last night, napped on the couch next to the piles of laundry I could be folding, and brought home Arby's instead of cooking the millions of groceries I just brought home the day before...he still rubbed my back to help me sleep...He is SUCH a better person than me...

Onto other news, we have found another mommy vehicle that we are interested in. One that suites our finances better than my previous interest. Our only goal before we go snatch it up is...we HAVE to sell the solstice! So, if anyone knows of someone out there looking for a seriously fun, awesome little convertible...with only 7200 miles on it...PLEASE contact me!

Oh and one other thing that has been plaguing me, maternity clothes! I can still wear all of my normal clothes but...some of my tighter pants are not comfortable to button. And I feel as if the BIG GAIN is about to start. So I want to stock up on the maternity clothes before the day comes when I waddle to my closet and realize that NOTHING fits! Plus I hear they are oh so comfortable :) So, for my first few pregnancies I had TONS of folks offer me their maternity clothes but, unfortunately, I never got to the point where I needed any of them...and now that we are working on a healthy happy one has offered any clothes! A lot of my friends have become pregnant TOO since our two year period of trying, so our mutual friends have given their maternity clothes to them (did that make sense) so, anyway, calling all mommies...if you have lonely little fat clothes laying around that need a good home, send them my way. If not, do any of you have any tips on where to shop to find the cutest stuff!!??
I've also decided I need one of those maternity full body pillows. Just "C" shaped enough to go between the legs, under the belly, and under the head...maybe that would help with my back pain (don't worry, this isn't due to pregnancy, yet, just scoliosis for now). Not sure where to get one...hmmm.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fit Pitcher

Ultrasound was even more amazing than before. We are 12 weeks and 2 days but Baby Tyner was measuring 13 weeks and 1 day...woah, that's a big difference. I asked the doc what that meant and he replied with a chuckle, "We'll start praying for you now"...then he made reference to having a BIG baby...uh oh. We got our first abdominal ultrasound...way more comfortable than "the other kind". It was amazing that they could see that clearly through my stomach! weird to say the least. Anyway, Jus got a camera/video camera so the video quality is "hopefully" a little bit better. Miracle was officially awake the entire time of the ultrasound this time. We saw a whole 30 minutes or so of shim jumping and moving. Whenever I would talk, Miracle would do this jump/buck thing. It was pretty funny....I figure we are in for shim to pitch a few fits pretty early.

Here are some still shots of the baby too:

Sucking it's thumb...again!

They did the nuchal translucency test for Down Syndrome and it turns out...I was right. They do NOT do that test on everyone. The doc didn't tell us but, he was a bit worried about the measurement of Miracle's nuchal translucency at our last appointment. But this time, it was smaller, and the nasal bone was present so Baby Tyner has a low chance of having Downs. Thank goodness!

We had a different ultrasound technician this time and she REFUSED to even look at the baby's privates. She said it was too early, I don't blame her...if she told us wrong, she'd be known as "that technician" which I am sure comes with ridicule from her fellow technicians...But, the good news is that Dr. Maher said he was setting up an ultrasound in two weeks (we'll be 14 weeks then) specifically to tell the gender!! So in two weeks....we'll know. I think it's a good thing we don't know what it is as I head off to the Mom2Mom sale this weekend, maybe it will inhibit my spending to maternity clothes only.......ORRRRRR, I may just buy anything I see that is cute for a little boy or a little girl! Uh oh!

We're going to the regular OB today, don't expect anything more exciting than yesterday's appointment...but, I'll post any interesting pictures we get.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12 weeks, 128.5 lbs (second trimester?)

We spent most of this week in Breckenridge, Colorado. I'll post SO much more about this tomorrow, once I upload all the pictures and have time to sit and reminisce. But for now, let's talk about Miracle!

So, everyone says something different when it comes to trimesters??? Some say that once you reach 12 weeks, you've started your second trimester but, then some say it isn't until week 13 or, who knows? So, I THINK I am in my second trimester! Woo Hoo!
This week I kept wishing I could feel Miracle move...I just worry that he is doing alright in there and a kick or punch every once in a while would do mommy some good. I know I have a long way to go before I start feeling her though :( I'm excited to go to the doctors this week. Thursday is the high risk doc and Friday is my regular OB. I'm not getting my hopes up on finding out the sex of the baby even though the high risk lady said we may be able to just seems so early...but hey, if we do get lucky, I'm going to the Mom2Mom sale with Susie this weekend and I just MAY be able to buy REAL gender specific stuff! If not, I'll focus on maternity clothes! Either way, I'm happy.

So, any of you who have been pregnant out there surely know what I am talking about when I say I had the one hour Glucose test. Normal women don't have to do this until later on in their pregnancy and once they pass, they never have to do it again...but, we aren't normal now, are we? I had to do it early (because of the PCOS, insulin resistance thing) and well, they haven't told me if I've news is good news I guess? If I don't pass...heaven forbid...I will have to take the THREE HOUR test! yikes! Either way, I'll be taking this test at least one more time during my pregnancy just to make sure I don't develop diabetes. When we go back this week to the high risk doctor he is going to test the baby's nuchal translucency and ensure that the nasal passages have formed correctly...these are both tests for Downs Syndrome (and they are done by ultrasound). I worried a bit when he told me he was going to be looking at these things...why did he need to? Did he see something wrong with the baby? Does he think my baby has Downs? I'm trying not to worry since some other women who were high risk told me that they think he tests every baby for that...I'll just be glad when it comes back all clear...

Cravings so far: Ham and Cheese sandwiches with potato chips on them, white cheddar popcorn, and PLUMS.

Symptoms so far: I ran out of my nausea medicine this week, and BOY did I feel it. Once you're on the medicine for so long and start feeling better every day, you can't help but think to yourself, "Maybe the nausea is over for me?" HAHA, but right when you give the medicine time to get out of your realize just how wrong you were! Don't worry people, I got that prescription refilled and should be back to normal shortly :) Another symptom: I know its too much information worst symptom these days is GAS! Miracle is a BAD little boy...or girl. Justin says he will be sure to spank shim for this when he/she comes out! :) haha!

Oh and...I signed up for Twitter. Not that I really want it, but all the news shows are saying it's the next big thing. So, since I was the girl who held off for YEARS before getting a facebook or myspace, even a blog for goodness sake...I swore I wouldn't have any of them and look at me now. I always cave and for once I didn't want to be the last to jump on the bandwagon! So anyway, follow me ( and let me know that you are on there so I can follow you TOO! I hope this doesn't turn out to be stupid???!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

11 weeks, 128.5 lbs

11 weeks and lots of excitement. Well, according to our ultrasound, I would have been 11 weeks on Sunday but, I’m sticking to my original calculations…they haven’t failed me yet. So, I think we are 11 weeks today ;) yay! Good news: now that I've stopped throwing up (thanks to my drugs) I've been gaining more weight!

In this week we have had lots of visitors. My sister, Brandy and her husband Jeff came down for a couple days with their 4 kids. We had tons of fun, and didn’t really DO much…kids can make a boring day at home interesting. So, after discussing and calculating with my youngest niece and nephew how long it would be until we reached September (and they can hold the baby), they truly understood the length of time when I told them, “Baby will be here before Christmas”, and they let me know that that wouldn’t be too long at all, whew…good to know :) While we were on the subject, I decided to ask them what they thought my baby was going to be, a boy or a girl. Well, I have three nephews and one niece so you can probably predict what the vote was…three voted for boy and one voted for girl…haha, they are so predictable. Well, they say the mother usually has an instinct about what her baby is going to be…but, I don’t think I do. SOO many people keep telling me…you are definitely having a girl. As a matter of fact, my 3 nephews and Audrey are the ONLY ones who have guessed “boy” so far. But honestly, I think people just assume that I'll have a girl because I myself am SO girly. I don't think it works that way though. It’s funny. I’m going to let my kids at school guess what they think I’m having…maybe give them some extra credit if they get it right?(I am predicting they will vote very similar to my young niece and nephews).

Justin’s buddy Randy also came to stay with us this weekend as well (we had a full house people). He cooked us duck…it was pretty good.

So, as for the pregnancy this week. All is well.

Symptoms so far: Zofran is my hero, nausea is no more as long as this drug is in my system. PTL, there have been no more migraines. I’ve gotten better at controlling my eating to make me feel better…tiny bits all the time. I am constantly snacking and learning to stop eating a delicious meal (even though I REALLY don't want to) exactly when I’m full (if I eat just a little too much, it wants to come back up). Fatigue had become a stranger for a few weeks there, but today, it’s back.

Cravings so far: Still have a thing for white cheddar popcorn. Cereal is appealing all times of the day, and I go through about 4 apples and oranges daily too.

On Thursday we leave for Breckinridge, Colorado for my first ever “non-ski” trip. My doc says definitely NO on me even trying the bunny slope. I probably wouldn’t have any way. So, I’ll be looking into, spas, shopping, and sleigh rides in our area. Anyone got any idea what I can do while everyone else is out tearing up the slopes? Jo already told me she would be my spa/shopping buddy for most of the time, and Jus promised to come home at lunch every day. So…let’s hope I’m not emotionally needy the rest of the time :) haha. We’ll get back on Monday, see the high risk doc on Thursday, and then my regular doc on Friday. I’ll keep you guys updated on the gender! I can’t wait to find out because my husband and I are going to need some SERIOUS time to decide on a name…we don’t seem to agree on ANY! I lean towards PREPPY and he leans towards COUNTRY. Oy!

Thank you all so much for your prayers, I know you are sustaining this pregnancy!