Sunday, May 21, 2006

Outdoors with Christi and Justin

Write it down in the record books people I'm posting again........already! Well, I had a minute while Justin is out playing golf so I figured I should seize the moment.

Yesterday was offically one of our "Christi and Justin" days. We have to have one of those every once in a while when we feel like we NEVER see each other. These last couple weeks has been one of those times. With Memphis trips, Huntsville trips, Oregon trips, wedding mania, and me going to bama for a few days.............we needed a day just to enjoy the one we married. So that day was yesterday and we went to the ZOO! haha, I really can't wait until I have kids cause then I will actually have an excuse to do all the things I really want to do.........but for now, I'll just do them!

This is a sweet little goat dude that LOVED to get his head rubbed. But he sure did stink!

Okay so this was my FAVORITE part of the day. When we saw this mommy with her little baby. So cute! The baby just clung to the hair on her back for dear life. Justin and I spent almost an hour trying to get a good picture of the baby but the mama kept hiding her from the camera............I felt kinda like the paparatzi trying to photograph the newest star child.

He's almost as big as that gorilla huh?

This giraffe was really funny, he wrapped his entire tongue around some little kids bag-o-food and tried to steal it.......luckily the dad snatched in back out of his mouth! That tongue was slimy, so Justin didn't want to touch it, what a girl! So he proceeded to make the giraffe stick out his tongue while he dropped each piece of food onto it! Everyone was cracking up!

So that concludes our fun trip to the Zoo! I love the Zoo!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Wow! Could I BE more of a blog slacker? Well, in order to re-pay my extreme debt, this one's gonna be a doosy.

Well, let's try to pick up where I left off last, i was on my way to Tally to see the ever so lovely Audge Podge. I spent a few days there, had my first pedicure party (p.s. everyone LOVED the new pedicure set), and got to hang out with old friends before they all headed back home for the summer. I love Audrey K Johnson with all my heart but was extremely excited to get back to my Jus. Plus I knew she was only one day behind me on her way to Pcola anyway! hah!
Okay so skip ahead to the next wednesday. It was Tori's birthday, yay! We all went to Macaroni Grill to celebrate, first time i'd seen Ruco in a long time. He looked handsome as always. The next morning Justin and I were flying out to Memphis to visit Jon and Angie (brother and sister-in-law). We had a lay over in Atlanta and then right when we got to Memphis Justin and Jon got on the Bellvue church bus (which I must say is no ordinary church bus!) and they were off for a three day golfing trip with the mens group at the church. On which Justin did the most amazing thing of all times........he hit a REAL HOLE IN ONE!!! Oh yeah, we have many witnesses to prove it, a framed scorecard and a beautiful plaque with his hole in one ball mounted on it! I didn't get to see it, but I heard all about it (since all of Bellvue Baptist was buzzing about it when we went to church on Sunday). I don't know if Justin or Jon was more proud?? he told everyone! While those boys were gone me, angie and Jackson got to spend lots of time together. Jackson is so stinkin cute. Even when he tries to be defiant he is cute. Angie would say, "Jackson, get in your car seat." To which he would reply, "No Thank you" or "No ma'am". How do you get angry at such a polite kid?? haha. We had a lot of time to talk and I enjoyed it so much. I think that may have been the first time Angie and I have really spent any alone time together (cause there are always tons of folks around) so it was a great time for me! On Monday morning Jon drove Justin back to the airport to catch a flight to trip. And Jon, Angie, Jack and I hopped in the car and headed back to Pcola. Right when i got back I had a million things to do. On Wednesday I had a couple's shower for Kristi and Ruco at my house. We had a full house and I thought it was sooo much fun. They got lots of great stuff and we got to see people we haven't seen in forever it seems.

Then the next night Angie and I threw Joanna a lingerie shower, also at my house. Which was also a good turn out. So I figured I should stop all my showering for now, I wouldn't dare ask for three great showers in such a short time would I? So then Friday morning was Joanna's bridesmaid brunch. We all dressed up in our little debutant dresses and big hats. It was so relaxing out on Mrs. pam's farm and the weather was just perfect. Before I had time to blink I was jumping in the car, changing into my bathing suit at a gas station, and heading to Jill's house for Kristi's bridesmaid luncheon at the pool. I think that is my favorite thing to do, lounge by the pool. We had lots of laughs with all the girls and then we were all off to get ready for the reahearsal. Whew!

Oh but the fun was only beginning.........I had a bit of a predicament. Both the reahearsals and rehearsal dinners were at the exact same time. I decided that since Skoplelos (Kristi's rehearsal) and Angus (Jo's rehearsal dinner) are right across from each other that I would go to Kristi's rehearsal and Jo's reahearsal dinner. And I actually got to make it to the end of Kristi's dinner too!
The next morning was spent trying to get everything together for my mad dash between weddings all the while trying to tend to my newly sick husband. I made it to the hotel where Jo and all her bridesmaids were getting ready and pulled myself together in enough time for pictures and what not.
The wedding was gorgeous and fun but it was running a little late. Thankfully, Jo was on a mission to get me to Kristi's wedding on time and made the photographer take all the pictures with me in them as fast as possible. So i ran back up to the hotel room, completely re-did my hair, gathered all my things and jumped in the solstice in Jo's bridesmaid dress. I made it to Skopelos before everyone else, SCORE! I was able to breathe for a minute, but not for long cause I had to put on Kristi's bridesmaid dress in the bathroom and after that, there was no breathing going on! hah! We chilled with Tori in a secluded room until time for the wedding to begin. It was so sweet, everything looked fabulous! And the reception was more fun than.........well, something that is really really fun! Whew! and now, we are done.

Well, until I got back home that night and Justin was absolutely miserably sick. Even sicker than he was before. We went to bed and woke up early to take Justin to the doctor, Tonsilitis! Ew, his throat looked gross. And even with the antibiotic he wasn't able to go to work for two and a half days. Anyone who knows Justin knows that he has to be REALLY sick to miss work, I think he is addicted. Well, before he got well I had to leave for Bama, my little sister was graduating high school. (I'll post pictures later) The last one of 8 Shirley's to graduate from Marbury (my mom may have withdrawals??) I got to hang out with the fam, drive around in the Solstice with Brandy and then Megan all weekend, and got to see some hometown folks I've missed. Speaking of the Solstice, you may be wondering what the title of this blog is referring to...........Justin wants me to sell it! AHHHHHHH! I know I know, What the heck right?? Well, turns out he has a good reason i guess (if there is one good enough). Since the demand is so high for it right now, and you can only get one if you are on a waiting list for 6 months, the used ones are selling for more than the new ones. So, my car has actually appreciated these last three months. But, it won't last long, once the dealers get in their shipments and the new '07's come out............I'm screwed! His argument is that when we have little ones, they can't ride in the solstice anyway, so i can sell it now and get an awesome SUV or wait until it depreciates and get a not-so-awesome SUV. Ah, decisions. He says it is up to me, and my heart says, KEEP THE SOLSTICE, but my mind and checkbook are logical and sell. Crap! Feel free to leave your feedback to help me! I need help! Love you all and hope you enjoyed the LONG update!