Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sharry's engaged!

So much for the romantic proposal in Gatlinburg........that boy just couldn't wait! Which makes it pretty sweet. Just think, he didn't want one more moment to pass without that ring on her hand. I love it! congrats! She sent me some pictures of the ring and that's all I got! So here they are:

She was so estatic when i talked to her on the phone yesterday. I am so happy she finally found someone to treat her like she deserves. God really does take care of his children. We should never doubt that!

Monday, November 28, 2005

I love to eat turkey, it is good!

And I LOVE long weekends. I just hate to keep all the excitement for myself so I will feel free to recap! Okay so Thursday was Thanksgiving (in case you weren’t aware), and we spent the morning being thankful for nothing…….i mean literally we were thankful for the nothingness we had going on that morning. We slept in, relaxed and then headed over to Mom Wow’s house. Justin and James immediately hopped in the car and went to get manly things like gas and lighters for the grills so we could cook the turkey. Meanwhile, poor Ms. Joy cooked while Jo and I made Sada (Rottweiler) a doggy webpage just like her cousin Prissy! After that was done we headed off to the store to get womanly things like DESSERT! We made Oreo pie, Justin’s favorite! The whole dinner was spent reminiscing on Justin’s backyard fights and Joanna’s multiple runaway attempts (when she was like 7) which were made up of her threatening to run away, her mom helping her pack, and then sitting down to eat dinner before she left……..then her returning 15 minutes later. It was a tear jerker………haha! After our joyous dinner Jus and I headed back to our house to nap off our stuffed bellies. Then Ms. Joy, Jo, James and Sada came over to finish up the day by watching a movie at our house.

Friday Justin went to work while I had the day off! Yay! Prissy and I spent the day running errands and packing for our trip to Bama that night. Justin ended up getting off early and we headed north. We finally made it around 5ish. We relaxed awhile then Brandy and Jeff brought the kids over, Tyler, Cole, Cory, and Tatum. Tyler had extreme chapped lips, Cole had a new haircut (Ricky Martin style) which is too cute for words, Cory had a broken foot from jumping off the high chair (after being instructed to do so by his dad), and Tatum……….that kid is just adorable! Brandy your family is a mess! Hahaha! Then Josh, Sharry, Jus and I went bowling to wrap up the night. I think we all need to patent our pre-bowl dance moves. Josh = “The Wiggle”, Sharry = “the Hop” (AKA: the roger rabbit), Justin = “the Rolly Polly” (AKA: the Worm), and Me………I just imitate all the rest of em! Haha. I especially think I am good at imitating Josh! Anyway, we tucked it in for the night and slept in the next morning. Then we got ourselves together and headed to the store to get the coveted “easy” Thanksgiving recipes. It just so happens that everyone in our family is required to bring a dish to Thanksgiving Dinner. Some are assigned their respective casseroles, some delicious desserts, and there is always that one person, the one who they think can’t cook, that is assigned drinks and rolls. Yeah, you guessed it, it’s me! Mom says it’s cause I had to travel and she didn’t think the casserole would make it……..I’ll buy that one. So anyway, Jus and I headed to the store to get our drinks and rolls. We came back and people started arriving….yay! But I had a big surprise in store for Justin….hahahahahaha!

During dinner I called a few of my family members upstairs…….it was a huge task to get all of them in one room without Justin noticing. We all put on our homemade “FREE JUSTIN” shirts and one by one filed into the room he was casually watching TV in. At first he had this shocked look on his face and then he cracked the biggest smile. It was an embarrassed/impressed type smile. And just when we thought we couldn’t laugh any harder, Prissy twiddles by in her very own “FREE JUSTIN” shirt! And the laughter erupts again! You know I got pictures! Then it was time to hop back in the car and head back to Pcola. It was so much fun though, can’t wait till Christmas.

Sunday morning came realllll early so we did the lesson thing and learned a new word from Dr. Leo Day – “yawp” – to utter a loud noise…….which we did during worship, I’m a fan of the YAWP! Then it was Chili’s with Matt, Kristen, Toby, Kurt, me, Jus, and AUDGE!!! It was sooo good to see her. But then she had to go back to Tally…=(
Then it was time for the ritual Sunday afternoon nap. And guess who got motivated and cooked Poppy Seed chicken casserole??? Yeah, and I must say it hit the spot! I did a really good job, who knows maybe deep down I’m a Martha Stewart in hiding?? Nah! Then we cuddled up in our warm bed and snoozed (well tried to, the thunder was REAL loud)……and now…….it is today! Have a great one! I’m getting really excited about Christmas! And getting everyone presents, I just want everyone to like what we get them so badly…….so guys, give me some ideas!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Thank you, thank you very much! ~Michelle Tanner

My two favorite friends! Jus and I were looking for puppy pictures to put on Prissy's new website.....which by the way might I add that my husband has looked at her webpage more than he has looked at OURS!! haha. Anyway, yes, my dog has a webpage where she fratternizes with other dogs, and basically, she has gotten very high reviews! Look at that baby face, how can you not just love her. On her new page she journals her everyday life, she doesn't post as much as her mom because she can't type as fast as me. Those keyboards aren't constructed for little paws very well. If you are so inclined you can see her in all her glory at

Thanksgiving is coming up and I am so thankful. I just don't count my blessings nearly enough. Justin Charles Tyner, I absolutely adore you! "I wonder what God was thinking, when he created you? I wonder if he, knew everything I would need, because he made all my dreams come true?? When God made you, he must have been thinking about me!" I love you more than words can say........hmmm......maybe I should be posting this on Prissy's website where he will be more likely to read it! haha. I am also thankful for the family I have through him. What a comfort it is to have people who truly love you and honestly think of you as a daughter when your parents are so far away. Speaking of which I am so very thankful for my parents. They postponed thanksgiving dinner until Saturday so that Justin and I could be there.........thanks to all my seven brothers and sisters and their families for doing this also so that we could be included. It would be really hard to be away from my family all year long and then also have to miss the holiday festivities too........I am so grateful that we don't! I am grateful for my little Prissy, i know that she will never read this ( i take that back, she is pretty smart! She does have the typing thing down already) regardless, she brings me so much joy because she is simple, and loves so intensely and I will now share with you her favorite quote which I have found to be so true of her, "To err is human, to forgive: canine". heheh, And I am thankful for my Jesus, most of us will celebrate him and his love in a month where we will focus on what he did for us. I think there is no better time to do this than at Thanksgiving, I don't just want to THINK about what he did, I don't just want to feel all warm and fuzzy and sing christmas carols and open presents......I want to be in complete awe and gratefullness of him. I want to really obsess on how what he did, blessed me. Now don't get me wrong I will enjoy this time of year with the best of them, but I want to remember WHY I get to enjoy it, why it is such an amazing time.

Lord I'm thankful for my blessings
everything that you gave
at times when danger was around me
my life lord you saved
where would i be without your love
where would i be without your grace
you didn't have to give it
but i'm glad you did

I can't pretend that what I got
i got it on my own
every move that i make
can't say i've never been wrong
but i felt you pick me up again
when i brought it on myself
i can always depend on you
whenever i need help

i sing, about what he's done for me
it's been so much that i
couldn't even tell it if i tried
i sing just to let the whole world know
that we've all got something to
be grateful for so lift your voice

you don't know like i know what he's done for me
take a look at my life and you too will see
ain't no way i've made it this far all by myself
i have blessings great and small
and i'll take the time and thank him for them all

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dude I got a Dell!...........FREE JUSTIN!

Yayy, my new computer got here yesterday! I am so excited……I upgraded to the hugest flat panel monitor I could get and shoved so much memory and hard drive into that thing…….it’s great! I spent all last night setting it up and just periodically going in the office to look at it! Haha, I know I am seriously a dork. I just kept checking my email, knowing that no one was sending me an email…….I just wanted to do something on that pretty new vision.

On a more serious note, I (and some other misfits) have decided to show our feelings of injustice by wearing “FREE JUSTIN” shirts. Hahahhhahaa, so if you are interested in supporting our cause feel free to make your own version of this apparel, I will post a picture of our love creation ASAP.

Here’s a fun survey:
Two Names You Go By
1. Christi
2. Princess-Angel (it’s a compound noun and even if it is forced, he still calls me that!)

Two Things That Scare You
1. Crackheads
2. spiders

Two of Your Everyday Essentials
1. Some Jesus
2. my iPod

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. my new pink jacket
2. open-toed shoes, and me feet are cold cause my boss said we aren’t allowed to use our space heaters any more, fire hazard shmire hazard!

Two Things You want in a relationship
1. Presents (silly answer)
2. Face value (serious answer)

Two Truths
1. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life
2. Justin’s feet are uglier than words can describe

Two things You hate:
1. when I let Justin bowl two extra games and then he begs me for another………that’s crap! (give an inch, take a mile)
2. Kristen from Laguna Beach (it’s a show)

Two Physical Things that Appeal to You
1. seeing a guy forget everyone’s in the room but him and God
2. The V-muscle

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies
2. The Prissy Olympics (which has become a staple in the Tyner household)

Two things you want really badly
1. A solstice
2.To be able to handle situations like Jesus (sometimes WWJD isn’t so clear)

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation
1. Hawaii
2. Colorado-skiing (I put that one cause that is where we are going, so I figure I should “want” to go there)

Two things you want before you die
1. a little version of Jus
2. To make everyone want to come to my funeral! Haha! That was a joke folks!

For our sake God made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God." -2 Corinthinas 5:21

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be......HUNTERS!

So I am sure you now all know that you may shortly be seeing my husband on “America’s Most Wanted”. Haha, not really but in case you didn’t get that joke, let me explain. Last October (2004) Justin’s dad treated him to a $3000 hunting trip up in Wisconsin. It was his graduation present. They were both so excited and counted down the days. They went online and bought their hunting licenses, got some new gear, and even went as far as to check to make sure the outfitter they scheduled their hunt with was licensed in the state of Wisconsin. Everything looked great and there were even a few of the guys at church who decided they wanted in on the hunt too. So they all packed up and left, had a great week at the camp, no one shot anything except Justin! He was lucky enough to shoot a buck. Adam (the guide they hired) took the deer to get it processed, tagged, and shipped back to florida for Justin. The hunt was finally over and Justin and his dad came home. A few months later a couple of Federal Agents appeared out of nowhere to question everyone about their hunting trip. Justin, his dad, and all the guys from church were more than cooperative with these agents. All the guys were continually told that they had done nothing wrong, that they were investigating Adam and Blue River Outfitters. Everyone was shocked that anything was going on and did any and everything they could to help the agents. They voluntarily gave them their bows and guns, their deer mounts, video footage, etc. Thinking they were helping. So fast forward to Monday night. It was 11:00 and Justin and I are laying in bed, I am sleeping and he is watching a re-run of the 6:00 news. He sees a segment about illegal deer hunting in Wisconsin, he still hasn’t heard anything about what happened to the outfitters and thinks this story might be about them so he turns it up. Only to find that at the end of the segment the anchor lady proclaims, “46 people have been charged in this case, here is a list of names and where they are from”…………Sure enough down towards the bottom of that list was “Justin Tyner, Pace Florida”………”What the heck??” Justin was so shocked, oh my gosh Christi, my name is on there. What are they charging me with, what did I do?? Of course our phone rang off the hook that night and all the next morning because it was also printed in the paper!!! First of all let me tell you that it is three days later and my husband, nor any of the others, have not been informed of any charges. For the news channels and papers to run that story is ludacris and false! Until they serve him with some charge papers, this is defamation of character. People win big money in law suits over that stuff, especially Pastors (one of the guys on the list). I mean seriously, the Sheriff was on that list, do you think that if the other guys knew something was going on, they would have invited the Sheriff??? Honestly! So, now the question is, if they are charged (which they aren’t yet) then how could this stand up in court. We did some research (because no one has informed us) on what Justin is apparently charged with. A governmental website in Wisconsin says hunting without a license (if you refer to the first paragraph, they bought licenses online with credit cards…….there is proof) this one WILL be thrown out. And while I am on the topic, all of the guys were charged with this hunting without a license. Is the state of Wisconsin so frivolous to file charges on something that can be so easily proven without doing it’s research?? There are records people. I guess they figured, we’ll just charge em with whatever and then if they aren’t guilty then we’ll drop it………what ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty” not “guilty until proven innocent”!! That is politics if I have ever seen it……clean up your government/DNR Wisconsin! Don’t defame my good, honorable husband’s character to prove some invalid point. The second charge they apparently charged Justin with is illegal tagging of his deer. Again referring to the events listed above, well, he didn’t tag the deer at all, the guide took the deer right after he killed it, to go get it tagged and processed and what not. I see no way that they can charge him for someone else’s mistakes, but either way Justin said he is not that worried because he did nothing wrong and eventually the truth will come out. The whole reason you pay thousands of dollars to hire a professional guide in a foreign state is to relax and rely on his professional service. He had a valid business license with Wisconsin so I think THEY are to blame. Justin and the others ensured they were going out with a licensed outfitter whom, according to Wisconsin, was worthy of their trust. I mean can we do a background check on every store we buy a pair of jeans from to make sure they are not making their jeans in child labor sweat shops??? NO, we have to trust professionals to do the service they advertise, especially if they are licensed! If you buy a car from a dealer and it ends up being a stolen car……are you liable, or the dealer??? EXACTLY!! I keep hearing all these stupid people saying “they should be held accountable for their crimes”, or “ignorance is no excuse” but what everyone doesn’t understand is that in most of the cases, there were no crimes even committed, and there is no way we can be knowledgable in all areas of life……”ignorance is no excuse” until someone dups you and then all of a sudden it is a pretty valid excuse. Stop throwing your stones for a minute and put yourself in the innocent bystanders’ shoes who are going through this right now. But the point is, Justin, McNesby, Whitehead, Godfrey…………. they all did nothing wrong, and I am willing to say that the rest are just as innocent! These guys are the victims, they are out the $3000 plus that they paid for the trip, the deer and mounting costs, bows and guns, and now face fines and punishments. Plus, no one has been formally notified of any charges at all……..but the news and the newspaper sure do make it sound that way. Anyway, we appreciate your prayers and personally think this will all be dropped due to retardedness! God is in control and we will live above reproach!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee, It's me Prissy!

It seems like I have a million and one things to do and no time to do it!!! Ahhhh! If it weren’t for my lulling time at work……….I would have no break at all, haha! Sad but true! So what have we done since I last posted??? Oh, Thursday we drove out to Chumukla (haha, that’s just a funny word) and ate dinner with Charlie and Rachel. Prissy got to see Grandmama and Paw Paw Pudge for the first time in the longest, she was excited, and so were we!!! I really cannot for the life of me, remember what we did Friday night………I think I just cleaned a lot for the Youth party we were hosting at our house on Saturday………..seems like that’s what I did. Who knows.

Saturday Justin woke up and headed off to help Matt and Kristen move all her belongings into her new house, congrats Kristen, you’re almost in! and I spent the morning running lots of errands. Prissy got her hair did, she needed it!!! They wouldn’t let me bathe her for two weeks after her spaying and there was NO way I was getting that funk off of her by myself! She was just gorgeous when they got through with her. Here is a picture of both of us
dressed in our Seminole gear!

Back to the party prep……we had sooo much food. I always overstock when I think a lot of people are coming over. I guess it’s better safe than sorry! So, we have lots of leftovers, so if anyone is hungry stop by and I’ll pawn some of it off on you!
We invited the youth group from our church (Olive Baptist) over to watch the Alabama/LSU football game on Saturday. We set up the grill outside on the front porch and all the kids played football in the front yard until the burgers and dogs were ready. It was such a beautiful day. Then the game started and much to my surprise, the girls came in to watch (intensely, might I add) and the guys either stayed outside and played football or spent the afternoon in the “man room” playing Playstation. But everyone was definitely having fun. It wasn’t long before I had to show my Tekken skills to the gamer boys back in the back……..Tekken is the only video game I am good at. And for some strange reason I can kill all the guys at this game, but only with the one girl named “Christy”……I think it’s fate! So I proceed to lay the smack down. The game started at 2:30 and everyone didn’t leave until 8pm!!!! It was so much fun though. And we were exhausted afterwards.

HAHA! As you can tell from the above picture, we really love our youth at Olive Baptist Church. I think we should make this into a recruiting poster! Yes, that is my husband strangling our beloved Taylor! Don't worry, the referee (me) soon called this fight! I posted a lot more fun pictures from our get together under the "Photos" link!
Sunday came around and I didn’t get halfway through our lesson before time was up. We got to discuss some of life’s hard questions. I think I teach the goofiest bunch of kids alive! I’m sitting here trying to be serious and spiritual, asking the kids to write down questions they have about life so that we can discuss them. And the responses I get are: “Can I have your digits??”, “Where do babies come from?”, and “Why won’t my parents buy me a new car?” But we did get some serious questions too…….and on those, we made progress! Haha! After church we went to Ms. Joy’s house to enjoy a lunch with Jo and James while they were in town. It was a lot of fun and after lunch we went shopping to get supplies to fill our shoeboxes for “Operation Christmas Child”. I hope my little girl likes pink because it looks like a big pink monster threw up in it!! Haha, maybe that was a bad way to describe it, but it’s true. Afterwards, I went to Outback with Ashley and some of her cheerleading folk. I enjoyed that immensely! Then it was back home to my honey and my Prissy. Those two were cracking me up last night. Justin always threatens (when I am being mean to him) that he is going to punch Prissy in the face…..because he knows this will seriously offend me and I will threaten his life. Then he proceeds to laugh at me. Well, apparently after many empty threats he decided to act on his words. Yes, that’s right people, he punched my cute little, sweet, precious, doggie in the face (well I wouldn’t call it a punch, more like a tap) but none-the-less, it was abuse. But the funniest part was that right after he did it…….Prissy rarred one paw back and swatted him just as he swatted her! Hahaa, it was seriously the most hilarious thing I have EVER seen. Justin and I spent the next hour unable to breathe because we were laughing so hard!!! And we occupied ourselves the rest of the night trying to get her to do it again. She came close, but nothing as funny as the first time. My girl has attitude!

Well, I think my new computer will be here either tonight or tomorrow night! Yaya! But I will be enjoying Laguna and MNSC either way! Love ya mean it!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bad Things happen to good people

So, by the title of this blog one would think that I must have recently gone through something bad. No, not at all. But for some reason everything I read about lately seems to be dealing with that issue. And not surprisingly, I opened up to prepare the Sunday school lesson and what was the title?? “If God loves us, why does he allow us to suffer?” So I figured I would just write and see what comes out.
It doesn’t seem fair, if you think about it. If I really try to live my life right, do all the things God requires of me, I should be safe from harm, and suffering. But, if that were true then wouldn’t I just be living right and following God to keep myself from bad things?? Instead of actually living this way in order to please God and show him I love him. It is easy for me to be faithful when things are all good, when the sun is shining on face and life is right. But is that true faith? If I compare it to the most important human relationship I know, that with my husband, I can see that it is ludacris for me to live my faith like this. For example, what if my husband only loved me when I cooked well, cleaned spotlessly, and loved flawlessly. That wouldn’t be true love, in fact, it would be non-existent love, because I never do everything perfectly. No, but when he hugs me even when I bring home McDonalds for the umpteenth time, and he smiles at me even though my stuff is scattered all over HIS sink in the bathroom, and he gives me a sweet little “I love you” even when I am over-reacting to something small he has done, THAT is when I truly see his love for me. Unconditional love really is the only kind of love that exists, anything else doesn’t qualify to be called love. Much like the story of Job, it is so inspiring. Job is, to me, the truest example of an unconditional faith. Satan himself saw how dedicated Job was to his God and approached Jesus personally. He proclaimed that Job is only so faithful because he has so much, if God would only let Satan throw him some curve balls, Job would fall in his devotion. We would hope that Jesus would then say, “No you will not mess with him, he’s my baby!” But then Satan would win you see, because he would always have the power to proclaim that we only love God because he gives us good things………. But instead Jesus said, “No, I have faith that Job loves me, he is strong for me, throw whatever you want at him, and he will not falter!” I want him to have that much faith in me, and I want to stand under the challenge like Job. Yeah, it’s easy to love and praise and trust in our God when things are peachy, but again, this is love not tested, praise not battered, and trust not trialed. It is when we are in our valleys, when we have hit rock bottom, that our devotion is truly shown. When I am walking through the wilderness, do I trust him then, to “work all things to the good of those who love him”. When I can’t see the light at the end, do I still count on him to lead me through the tunnel?? That is the only way to show true trust. Is any of this making sense. If God gave us the promise that Christians would be saved from all suffering……..don’t you think that everyone would become Christians purely for this benefit…….yet then the focus is “what can I get”, it becomes a self-serving purpose for getting saved. My Christ would not feel loved by this. We would not be choosing him, but choosing “non-suffering”. But it is when my grandma dies and I can proclaim, “It is all part of your good and perfect plan, your glory is worth our sacrifice!” It is when I lose my job and I can say, “You know the plans you have for me lord, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a future”. It’s when I can feel the bitter cold of loneliness to the depths of my bones and it seems that I am at the bottom of everyone’s list and I can smile and say, “The lord is my joy and my strength, I will base me life not on fading lights, but on an everlasting one.” It is then and only then that he feels my love and devotion to him. By not letting “suffering” differentiate the Christian life from the non-Christian life, Christ is ensuring that we are indeed choosing him only because he is our Lord, not for any benefit we can gain. Isn’t heaven a gift enough, isn’t joy for now a gift enough, yet I have the audacity to ask God why, why can’t I be rich, why can’t I be saved from the perils of life. How can I ask for more than Jesus asked for himself. He certainly wasn’t saved from any perils. Who am I? So, the point I guess is……bad things will happen to good people. But it is Romans 8:18 that sheds some perspective on this for me, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” This is heaven people! We could pile up the hardest most persevering times in our lives, throw cancer on there, throw death on there, through break-ups on there, throw rejection, abuse, disappointment, persecution, every bad thing on that pile and it is not even WORTH comparing to the glory he will reveal to us in that day. That makes my soul jump for joy, literally inside my body, it’s jumping! Haha! And before Paul was finished with this little speech he added verses 24 and 25, “For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have we wait for it patiently.” So our hardships here on earth will give us an even greater hope for heaven. If he were to give us a perfect life here, what would we have to hope for??? But instead we get to wait for it patiently and anticipate the day we will have no suffering, the day when only GOOD things happen to good people!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Things that make you go......hmmmmm

Good news for all, Prissy is finally recovering from her spaying! Yay! My little pogo stick kept hurting her incision everytime anyone came over. The night of the spa I am surprised her insides didn’t come out! Haha. Speaking of the spa, it was great. Ash did a fantastic job at her first little presentation and even got a few sales! I got the coveted “neck-wrap” and my curtains were firmly in place by the time the guests arrived. Overall it was a good night. Afterwards Jus and I went to Charlie and Rachel’s to visit for a little while, seems like I hardly get to see them anymore. We’ll have to plan a dinner date this week sometime. So that wrapped up our Thursday night.

Friday we met up with Crystal and Gabe, who seem to have been MIA while building their new house. We ate some dinner and played pool and darts until we were all about the pass out from exhaustion. They have the cutest little girl, Alyssa. I just love babies soo much, and the fondness is only growing. Don’t worry Ash, I’m not having a baby!!! Haha! Not just now anyway.

Saturday morning Justin woke up at “God knows when” and went hunting with Ben, then rushed home and changed to go to the “Relay for Life walk-a-thon”. So while he was gone what else could I do…….i shopped. Met up with ash, we hit the usual hot spots, Target, the mall, BagelHeads and then I went home to see my long lost hubby. We were supposed to go over to Ben and Sam’s, also where little Hayes lives, but those plans got cancelled. So instead Matt and Kristen came over and we had a double date couch potato night!! I really can’t wait for their wedding, Kristen is about to explode! Haha.

Then it was Sunday (already!). The lesson this Sunday went so well. It was the encouragement that I have been needing. I realize that you have to go the extra mile with these kids, no lazy days. You have to keep them involved, entertained, and quiet. And it is hard frustrating work, but when you have one good productive Sunday, it’s all worth it! We talked about the crucifixion. I wanted them to picture it how it was, not how we are so used to hearing it. I wanted so hard for them to think about all the little things the bible mentioned on that day. And I really think they did. I had them write a phrase or two that describes how they felt when Jesus died for them. I got so emotional when I read them. These 10th graders wrote things like: “no one loves me this much, no one”, “why would someone do this for me”, “unfailing love, I have never experienced”, “Jesus gave up himself for me, I will do that for him”…………….I just loved hearing praises for their savior come out of the mouths that I usually only hear praises for their boyfriend/girlfriend at the time. It’s so hard to keep focus for me, I know it’s even harder for them. But I am so thankful that for this moment on Sunday morning they were focused! The lights stayed off the whole time and we listened to music about the crucifixion. I saw some of them wipe their eyes, and of course it broke my heart, in a good way! I had them write letters to Jesus, as I wrote my own. I know the spirit moved me in that room and I pray so hard that it moved even one of them. So that is a huge answered prayer from the disheartened Sunday school teacher of last week! PTL!

Last night I was watching “My Fair Brady” (haha) and Justin walks in and laughs at me histerically because I am balling like a baby…….he proposed and they wrote each other poems, and I am sorry, but I can’t take all that. I think I am the biggest baby! I don’t know why I just wrote that but I was suddenly picturing Justin walking around the corner and falling to his knees in laughter…….oh but he thought he was really funny when he came to sit beside me (I am all into the show, crying still of course) and I look over and notice his shirt and face are soaking wet, and he is making a crying face……….that dork sprayed the himself with the sprayer on the kitchen sink……..again making fun of me. I did laugh, a lot! He makes me laugh, especially when we make fun of each other…..well most the time anyway! I remember telling my best friend in high school that I wanted to marry a man who could make me laugh and could sing……….I think I got a pretty good deal!

Tonight MNSC and watching LC kick Jason to the curb (she better!)

Friday, November 04, 2005

If I were alone in the dessert
without a drink of water around
on my knees and hands
in that white scorching sand
with the hot Sahara sun beating down

if i could be granted my wishes
and anything i want would come true
i know that it might sound funny
but here's what i'd want you to do

Tell Justin I love him
Tell Justin I need him
Tell him everything would be okay
if i could just see him
tell justin i love him
tell justin i need him
and if i leave this ol world
tell him he's the only boy for me

if i were adrift in the ocean
a vessel with no sail or steam
floating aimlessly on an endless sea
hopelessly lost it would seem

if all of the fish in the water
could echo my last dying plea
i know you might not understand it
but here's what i'd want it to be

tell justin i love him
tell justin i need him
tell him everything would be okay
if could just see him
tell justin i love him
tell justin i need him
and if i leave this ol world
tell him he's the only boy for me

if i leave this ol world
justin, you're the only boy for me!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So Halloween.......

Being that Halloween fell on the same night as MNSC and Laguna Beach, it was hectic! I rushed home from work because it was my night to cook, I made breakfast, I love having breakfast for dinner! Ms. Joy came over and just kept laughing at random intervals. After finally asking her why she basically gave me a recap of my surroundings.....and I took a look around........I was cooking breakfast at 6 o'clock at night, all the while dressed in a butterfly outfit, my dog was running around in a cap and a hat....i kept getting the strange suspicions she was trying to cast spells on me for making her wear that, my husband.........oh my........he spent the ENTIRE night on top of the roof. Why? you ask, apparently Freddie Krugger is more frightening from great heights??? He kept running in periodically giving me and Ms. Joy updates on how he made all the little kids i guess if i was her, i would have been laughing at us too! Oh the fun we'll have when there is a little tyner in the picture. After all the kiddies went home to rumage through their goody bags, Ash came over to watch the Laguna Beach to top ALLL Laguna Beaches......go LC!!! All the while we sported our "Team LC" shirts.........she did us proud. Then that weird "Seventeen" show comes on after so we always end up watching it, and Brianne (the physco) left this time.........woohoo! She really was physco! Anyway, so that was our halloween, next Turkey day! Christimas is almost here!

Family Portrait