Saturday, February 23, 2008

"As you do not know which way the wind blows, or how the body is formed in the mother's womb, so you cannot know the works of God, the maker of ALL things." Ecc. 11:5

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Day O' Love Comes again!

I can remember in High School when this wonderful day was known by it's better name, "Single Awareness Day" or SAD for short. It never failed to make me realize how SINGLE I really was. haha. but no more I tell you! Another thing I forget to praise God for everyday. Justin has always been the romantic one and boy do I NEED that. I am so stinkin' sappy and I never realized it. but I am taking today to admit that I'm THAT girl!
Okay so now for pictures. I noticed my blog has been lacking of pictures lately and really....who doesn't just look at pictures in the blogs anyway?? So here are the few I could scavenge at our V-Day dinner at Bonefish. We wanted to re-live our engagement and eat at the Melting Pot but they said they had been booked up for like three weeks....and we called a week ahead! So bang bang shrimp, here I come! It's hard to capture a romantic moment on film with just you and your we enlisted the help of our waitress, who totally upped her tip by lending a hand.

Notice my pretty new dress. I love dressing up. It's like my favorite thing to do. I am really trying to talk a handfull of female teachers to dress up for chaperoning the prom this year so that I will have another excuse. We'll see how that turns out.Jus took a picture of me and I blew him a kiss because I told him it was Love Day and that is what I kiss him.
Then I took a picture of Jus too. He took a bite of his mashed potatoes because he told me that is what he eat. How romantic. Hope V-Day was grand for all!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The green light...

All I have to say is I am at last done being poked and proded! And in the words of my quirky doctor......."you're back in business"!! haha, please start the prayers!