Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm not supposed to be learning here...

Be doers of the word of God, Not simply those who hear.
James 1:22

So, I went to Student Life camp as a chaperone with the Youth Group at Olive. Of course, I went into the week expecting to teach lessons, discipline children and pray tremendously about how in the world I can help them be in the world and not of it. I mean, I've been to youth camps and conferences galore when I was a youth and now it's my turn to pour the knowledge I've gained over the years on these precious souls, you can't honestly think that I'm supposed to be learning anything here can you? Ha ha, Just when you've mounted your high hourse and gently placed yourself on your seemingly deserved pedestal God comes along like that guy with Roid Rage at the fair who completely demolishes the weighted milk bottles that everyone else thought so impossible to knock over. yep, that was me this week, the milk bottles. Although, slightly less painful.

I do think that God used my past experiences and knowledge to help the kids that were, by no coincidence, in my family group. But he also used this week to make me rethink my christian walk. The speaker was Dave Rhodes and his focus for the week was "Here and Now", focusing on what you do TODAY. Meanwhile, I'm busy planning all the things I need to get done when I get back from camp the next week...sometimes I'm a real idiot you know.

Well, on to the point, we talked about two different types of sin in our lives, sins of omission (those are the things God tells us to omit from our lives...sexual immorality, drunkeness, lust, greed, hate, etc) and the sins of commision (these are the things God tells us to DO....feed the poor, be a father to the fatherless, take care of widows and orphans, Go and make disciples of all nations, etc.) Dave told us a little about his own life and he sounded a lot like me. Basically a big RULE FOLLOWER! I know this about myself, I know that I like rules and wouldn't break them for pretty much anything. I've always been that way. Well, he went on to tell of an epiphany God gave him...(Imagine at this point the audible booming voice of God)..."You're SO proud of the things you DON'T do, but you DON'T do anything!"

I tend to focus on those sins of omission (because it is hard for us to live in the world and actually omit these things) and these are the sins we confess, and feel convicted over. And I found myself asking, "When was the last time i was convicted of my sins of comission???" Am I feeding the poor? clothing those without? taking care of widows and orphans? No wonder people look at christianity like bondage and depravity...I'm so focused on the things I Can't do because I'm a christian that this is where my life has pointed. I know that God is so proud of me for following his commands and not giving in to the temptations of this world but now he is urging me..."where are your actions, you're not DOING anything!" this is how we show the world a victorious, joyous christian life, by the things we DO do.
So my first action of conviction was to buy two children in Uganda...haha, not really buying them, just helping make a difference in their lives. But still this tiny act is not enough...Sacrifice is not about how much you've given, but about how much you have left over after you've given. Did it cost me anything? So pray that God will keep my eyes open for opportunities to give, to serve, to take care of those whom I am called. Here and Now...