Saturday, June 24, 2006

and the craziness continues.......

Okay so the deal went down. I am now the proud owner of a Yukon. Here are a few pictures I took to share my new bundle with the world.

I'm slowly getting used to it. Granted there are a few times this last week when I just miss riding in my cute little solstice, but, hey, it's just a car right?? Plus I KNOW my passengers will much appreciate the room, comfort, and entertainment of the Yukon more than the Solstice for sure. haha.

On another note, I had my first interview for a math teacher position at Pace high school on Tuesday. I'm really excited and nervous. It would be just perfect for me it seems. The school is seriously 2 minutes from my house, my hours would be 7-2, and I get to teach kiddies all day. Well, not little kiddies, 9th and 10th graders.......but kiddies none the less. I've really and truly but this thing up to God though. If it doesn't work out I will be VERY set back in pursuing my teaching career (because this is the position I would have chosen could i choose) but I really am confident everything will work out for my best, really really!

This week has been busy, especially for Justin. It's the semi-annual inventory at Ferguson. Each time they have inventory they work into the late hours of the night for like 3 weeks straight, and weekends!! So us Ferguson widows (the staff wives) get together and chill while all our husbands are gone. So last night me and AnnMarie went over to Lanni's house for a Sushi dinner and girl talk session. Yes, they took my Sushi virginity.......and I actually like it! Imagine Alabama eatin' sushi?? We had so much fun, I love those chicks, so cute!

Plus this week has been so much fun actually getting to hang with Ash while she has been in town. I miss all the wedding planning stuff. It's so fun and she is as giddy as it gets. Plus is stinkin' love her mom, do moms get any cuter?? I got to steal Tor away from her busy schedule a couple times too so overall, it was a good week.

Okay well I have a Mary Kay party to go to now so I'll talk to you all later!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Your invited........ the going away party for THE SOLSTICE, my baby=( Today we will be saying goodbye to my one true friend and sending on her way (to somewhere in freakin' Arizona where someone will make her a happy happy home I'm sure) And in her place will roll the most opposite vehicle out there (with the exceptance of the H2, which my husband thoroughly considered), the YUKON. This thing is stinkin humongous! I am sure that me and my future children will be perfectly safe in it, but as for all you other people on the roads of pensacola.........beware! How can you put me in the smallest car known to man, with 2 cubic feet of sitting room, into an SUV (in which I believe I can ride next to a few high flying birds) with 5000 cubic feet of space?? Oh well, it will take some getting used to I guess. And even though the Yukon wouldn't be my first pick of vehicle (because the Solstice would dangit!) haha, you can't help but feel that Xzibit had some part in designing this one. It's totally pimped! Well not with the glow in the dark paint job, or flashing front grill or anything but it does have the most amazing interior. We got beautiful tan leather interior, full DVD system with drop down monitor, bose sound system with six disk CD changer (which is in the front dash, I'd never seen a six disk in the front dash, but then again, I am from Alabama). Anyway, it's got tons of other stuff that Justin can tell you about but I can't ever remember everything. So needless to say this SUV is worth WAY more than the Solstice so I guess I shouldn't be complaining about anything huh?? Does this SO make me a mom though? The only way driving this HUGE vehicle is going to be worth it is if I have tons of people ride with me allllll the time and watch DVDs and say they love it so much, hahah. anyway, the deal is going down TODAY. It really is a dirty deal we are getting and to pass it up just because I want to hold on to my little baby for a few more months would be kind of ridiculous. Who knows, I may just fall in love with the fact that I can pack more than one soft sided bag when we go on trips, and when I drive someone to the airport they don't have to hold their luggage in their lap in the passenger seat anymore, oh yeah and the sheer fact that I can take more than one friend at a time to lunch, it will definitely be better for traveling and when we start poppin' out the babies!

Okay so, on to other things, I'm starting to feel myself being pulled into a new (yet so very old) addiction, Super Mario. Ok, so Tetris and things of the sort will always have it's addictive powers but, Super Mario had lost it's grasp on me until Saturday night. Kristen and I have no doubt repeatedly sat through many a boxing match and UFC fight and gracefully grinned and bared it. Well, not this time, while the boys were hootin' and hollarin' we snuck away to the "man room" (forbidden territory), pushed aside the PS2 (even more forbidden territory) and dusted off the old nintendo games. We laughed so hard we almost peed as we tried to remember if this was the version that you could pick up turtle shells in, or if they would kill you unmercifully. Yeah, we died! So now all I want to do is save the Princess and get 5000 points by jumping on those stupid flags. ahhhhhhhhh!

So this week Ash is in town and I'm so glad to play with her. We gots tons of stuff to get done for this wedding, I cannot believe it's only 4 months away! It's coming like a speeding train I tell ya. I just love love love her poofy little dress, it's so mod. And she really had her little bridesmaids in mind when picking out our dresses, not only flattering, but it makes you look REALLY tan! I'm happy! haha.

Anyway, that's all for now, I'll post some pictures of me in my new ride later if I remember.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Age is just a number

So, Jus and I just returned from Bama. There are always tons of crazy things going on up there, maybe that is why I turned out as crazy as I am. My 72 year old grandmother got married on Saturday! Yep and the groom cried, plus they wrote their own vows. haha, it was seriously so cute. Her husband (my granddad) died about 7 years ago and her groom lost his wife also. So with their powers combined, they can finally change a light bulb. Still can't hear the TV but, at least they can still walk dangit! My mom was a bridesmaid and my dad was a groomsman. It was a fun mom has all the pictures on her camera, I'll have to get her to send them to me. Maybe I can post them later.

My little neice Tatum also had her first birthday on Sunday. We had her a luau and it was the most adorable thing I have EVER seen (again, I'll have to get the pictures!)
She's kind of got me scared that my kids are gonna be the ugly can they compete with blonde haired, blue eyed, dimple faced kids?? Oh well, we'll see! haha. We had the kiddie pool and two slip and slides out there, we grilled out hot dogs and Tatum had her very own grass skirt and flower headband that she sported the WHOLE time! Justin went up to Lake Martin for a golf tournament with some of the big wigs in his company and my mom and I spent the day galavanting around Prattville. It was fun, but now we are home and back to everyday life.

Okay so I've decided that God has it out for me, haha. Last week our air conditioner died, it was over 90 degrees in our house for two days. Luckily it was under warrantly still and they were able to come in and fix it quickly. Right after that is when we headed to Bama. When we got there, Sharry informed me that her air conditioner had also gone out. And daggum if the next day my mom and dad's air conditioner didn't go out on us too! Oh but it doesn't stop there. As I am sitting at Tatum's birthday party (which was hot as......well, really hot!) My dad informs me that there is smoke coming out of my car, he thought it was the grass underneath it that had caught on fire but soon discovered that instead it was actually my CAR! ahhhh, it turns out a bolt was loose and the air conditioner was leaking causing the car to smoke and once again, the air to go out..........luckily he got that one fixed quickly. So just when you think my body tempurature has been raised to 90 degrees permenantly, we get home and today.............our home air conditioner has gone out AGAIN!! So yes, I'm sitting here boiling as I write. What do you think God's trying to tell me here???

Anyway, all is well and I'm counting my many blessings!