Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ode to Chrissy

Ok so it's not a poem or anything but this long awaited blog will have to be dedicated to Chrissy..........sorry for the wait, please forgive me.

So, It really has been too long. I'm sure I have forgotten most of the exciting things I've done these last two weeks but I'll try to touch on some of them.

So we'll start with Easter. We went up to spend the beloved holiday with my fam, all one million of them. And did the annual easter egg hunt with all my neices and nephews. I must say that I have the cutest neices and nephews! And boy do they quickly learn the difference between the sound of an egg with jelly beans in it and an egg with 5 bucks! It was fun as usual to see everyone in the fam. Sharry was in a much better mood now that National Boards is over, that was seriously too stressful. And Tatum is walking now, what the heck. Little Brodie doesn't even look like the same kid as before. and Jessica is almost definitely coming to Pcola for college. Before all of our Easter festivities we all went to the Easter service at church. Then Justin and I taught the 5 year olds in Sunday School (usually my mom's class). Oh my gosh, they are so hilarious. My little nephew Cole is in that class and proceeded to tell the other kids how he prayed for Jesus to make him a better ball player and then the next day he won the game ball at his baseball game. So now Jesus is credited with any everyday miracle that goes on around his house. Like when the trampoline broke he let me know quick that Jesus AND Daddy fixed it. Oh to have the simple faith of a child. No explainations, just belief! And even though we think it so silly for Jesus to have given Cole the game ball........I say, why the heck not. He says in his words he wants to give us the desires of our hearts, and I'm sure that was Cole's number one desire at the time. If God is capable of healing the blind and raising the dead, then certainly he is capable of helping a 5 year old play to the best of his ability, right?!

Ok so, Justin packed up and left for home on Sunday night (being that he had to work on Monday) and I stayed an extra day to go bridesmaid dress shopping with all my sisters. It took no time for Sharry to find the exact one she wanted and so we decided to celebrate by going to Olive Garden, sweet. Well, all good things must come to an end so I headed home too.
Then Tuesday night we had my Grand Opening for Mary Kay! It was so much fun. Who knew that talking about make up and beauty could be so much fun?? Well, okay, I did! haha. I made over $300 in sales and booked another class! I'm so excited about this new business. I really am dedicated now and I really have a passion for it. Plus I just didn't realize how amazing all of our products really were.......ya know! I guess there is a reason Mary Kay has been #1 for 11 years running!

On to other things, we had a double header on Thursday night and stomped both teams..........oh yeah, still undefeated baby! Then Friday Justin took half a day off work and we travelled up to Hattiesburg, Miss. to see his Nanny. She is 87 and is declining fast. But man was she happy to see us. Justin always seems to be able to make her laugh. She's the sweetest, always wanting to be such a little hostess, even though she can't anymore. Keep her in your prayers, she's very down heartened to be in Assisted Living and not being able to make decisions for herself. It would get to anyone I think.

So, we headed back the next afternoon in enough time for Justin to go get Joey (his little brother) and take him to the "Bowl for Kids Sake" at Liberty lanes. Meanwhile I went to a lingerie shower for Kristi. She's the only bride I know who is willing to model her corset with knee high straps for the entire room.......crazy she is!

Oh i forgot to mention that Justin played in a gold tournament this last week and got closest to the pin, which means he won a beautiful stainless steel grill! yay, we didn't have one. So Sunday afternoon we invited Toby and Kurt over to try it out. Man was it good =)
Yesterday Justin left for an overnite trip to Destin, another golf tournament. I hope he does well, I'm just glad he comes back today! yay!

So tonight I have yet another softball game and then thursday I leave for Tally to do my first pedicure party at Audrey's. I am so excited, I just know it will be oh so fun, plus Joanna graduates so i'll get to see that too!

I'll try not to procrastinate on the blogging any longer I promise!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bootylicious Baby!

Oh my goodness, i can't believe i forgot to mention this in my last blog. So Matt's birthday was last weekend and we all gathered at his and Kristen's cute new house for desert, conversation and Trivial Pursuit (pop culture edition). It was each couple for itself. Matt and Kristen, Kurt and Toby, Jen and Felipe and then me and Jus. We were worried at first because it seemed like everyone was getting their pies but us. As a matter of fact........THEY WERE! Matt and Kristen had one pie peice left to get when we were just getting our first! I guess we just aren't good at "pop culture" trivial pursuit.........or are we. Call us the come back kids cause we went on a perfect rolling, answer getting rampage and WON! And the funniest part was how Kurt kept condemning me for knowing all the "rap" or "hip/hop" questions.............and the question we were given to win the game was, "What word did singer Beyonce Knowles introduce to the Webster dictionary??" .............That would be Bootylicious people! hahaha, my heathen ways prevail once again!

Can't believe i forgot to blog that!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So, sorry blogger avids! I’ve been slow at posting these days. Oh but you will all be glad to know that I will be having plenty more time to post after today. Yep, today is my last day at CTS America (tear). This whole time I’ve been so excited to leave and start something, anything new. But today I have a slight sadness about me. There really are good people who work here. I just got a taste of the bad ones during my employment I think…….=( I’ll miss them I know, but the good news is, I’m not dying so, contact is still very possible! Haha. So many of you are wondering………. “What are you going to do now?”……….Me too! I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for a new job but Justin and I both agreed that I would take the time to make sure whatever job I take is what will make me happy. I am still very much interested in being a teacher that will be great when my kids get in school! One hitch in that plan is the fact that Justin and I already decided that I will stay home with our kids when they are young, then I can jump back on the career bandwagon (which is where the teacher thing fits in perfectly!) But, I’m neither here nor there yet…… what do I do to fill that gap of time between now and when we have kids?? We haven’t ruled out another computer job for sure, but until I can find one of those that I really like, I’ve restarted my Mary Kay business! Except this time I am SOOOO excited about it! My Grand Opening is Tuesday (the 18th) at 7pm. If you are in the Pensacola area and happen to be reading my blog…..PLEASE come! You can email for directions ( or if you aren’t in the Pensacola area and just want to buy Mary Kay products check out my website ( I need so much support from as many awesome girls as I can get! I’m scared to start this new endeavor but I just know that if I have a huge turn out at my grand opening then all my fears will fade! If nothing else just pray for me and my success in this business. I really am so happy to be doing this right now. It gives me time to do anything and everything I want, a couple of my best friends are getting married and dangit, I want to help them with their weddings, my sister is getting married and I WILL be there to try on bridesmaids dresses with her, and paint her house with her. Another friend lives in Ohio and one in Tampa and one in Tallahassee, and gosh darnit…….if I want to go visit them, I CAN! I get to be my own boss, set my own rules, work like a dog one week if I’m motivated and slack off another week if I don’t need the money! Plus, I wouldn’t rather work for any other company…………Mary Kay is the most moral caring company I have ever been involved with. People who want to see you succeed and will help at the drop of a hat to get you to do just that! Every meeting is started with prayer and a time to give the glory to God, every email ends with a scripture and every phone call with a kind word. I just really love it and hope that I am successful, I’m going to really try! And one day drive down the street in my Pink Caddy! Yeee haw! So this also gives me something to keep myself busy and “in the game” once I am a MOM/housewife. Plus everything is PINK……could we be more perfect for each other? Whew, can you feel the passion yet?? Haha

So on to life events. This weekend was Jo’s bridal shower given by the church ladies. She had such a good turn out! It was fun and had some of the best bridal shower foods I have ever put in my mouth!
Tonight is another softball game, we are undefeated so far, let’s see if the roll continues. I hit soo much better last game, maybe I will see even more improvement tonight?? I still haven’t gotten a new glove yet, so I’ve been using one of Justin’s friend’s old gloves that is quite possibly the smallest glove on the face of the planet……….I’m thinking it may be his 2 year old’s?? But I haven’t dropped a ball at first yet……….maybe I’ll keep the itsy bitsy glove? Well, I’ll blog more probably tomorrow and the next day and the next! haha

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Excellent Wife.........kind of

Oh ye shall be blessed again….with another blog that is. So proceeds another week of being on-call. Thursday night was HORRIBLE. I hardly got any calls before bed but as soon as that clock hit 3am the phone exploded and didn’t stop until 7:30. Then it took me 30 minutes to get back to sleep, as usual. Luckily I was able to come in late friday at 10. So I got an extra hour of sleep, which I think just made my body mad for teasing it. I was SOOO tired! (Do I sound like the biggest baby yet??)

Well, Thursday night was our first softball game and we WON! Yayyy. Undefeated so far, haha. And I still have not found my beloved glove. Justin and I have torn that house apart. I can’t believe someone came into our house and only stole my softball glove……..well, I guess I will have to get a new one and try to break it in by next week.

I finally finished my book (The Excellent Wife) and will be sure to buy a copy for my newly married friends and family. Although I’ll have to warn them that if they are not wanting to submit fully and give themselves up wholly to God and their husband, they WILL walk away from it in the first couple of chapters. I really suggest the book though, I was shocked at first, at just how submissive God truly calls us to be, and then shocked a second time to see that he overwhelmingly blesses you and your marriage when you actually TRY! I have been reading this book for sometime now. I am trying to take my time and really apply It’s knowledge to my life. It’s a completely biblical perspective on what a wife should be. Man, some of the concepts in this book are hard to swallow at first but I must say, that even when I doubted what the author said, she ALWAYS gave multiple scriptures to back it up. But I soon discovered this is not a book for someone who is not willing to submit her every thought and her whole life to being God’s tool. I decided and prayed before hand that I would try to put into practice every biblical principle that was taught in this book. Man, did God probably laugh at me while I promised that………I had no idea what I was getting into. There were a couple chapters when my ghetto diva attitude came out and I was like……… “Oh NO she didn’t just say that!” haha. But again, she did back everything up scripturally so I swallowed it, HARD. I was telling Kristen and Toby about it the other day, about how I had decided to put these things into practice but, deep down I was afraid they wouldn’t work…….that I would get walked all over and taken advantage of. But I did them and tried to just remind myself that I was glorifying God and prepared myself for the inevitable consequences. And I cannot describe my amazement. I thought that if I gave in and basically became the “helper” God created me to be, that I would be taken advantage of………much to my surprise, I wasn’t walked on at all. In fact, my husband started wanting to help me! Who’d have thought, instead of yelling out more things for me to accomplish, he would tell me to rest and let him pamper me. Or he would smile at me sooo gratefully and tell me I’m the best wife?? Not me, I was so pessimistic about it in my heart, but it was finally drilled into my head that, DUH, my God isn’t out to embarrass me, or make my life harder, he gives me these rules and guidelines to help me be a better person, to help me be a little less selfish, to bless my marriage more than I could ever do by myself! I am so thankful for this book. It still is hard sometimes to always make the right decision in my actions, but I’m learning and working on it everyday. It is sooo true that to fix a problem with someone, you just have to be a better person yourself………instead of focusing on everything they should work on, or everything they should or shouldn’t do……….focus on what you can work on and what should or shouldn’t do. I mean, no one likes to be outdone, if he/she sees you growing leaps and bounds in your faith, in your maturity, or in your life in general………it makes the other person want to strive a little harder too.

Well, my whole reason for writing this in the first place was chapter nineteen, where the book gives certain reasons WHY you can submit to all these principles laid before us as wives in the bible. One of the reasons we can feel secure in making this commitment is because “God keeps his word”. Sounds simple enough right? Well, of course my little mind goes on one of it’s tangents and I start thinking about what that means. You know when you hear something said sooo many times that it just loses it’s meaning kind of. Like “Jesus Loves you”, man I’ve heard that a million times and sometimes I don’t even stop to think what that means. So sad. Well, “God keeps his word” is one of those phrases. When anyone we know says they give you their word, that sounds pretty serious. But deep down you know, even though you want to believe them, and you really think that they are a good person, you still have that lingering thought that they may NOT keep their word. Because humans lie ALL the time. It is something we are very capable of. But that is not the case with God……’s not possible. He has no choice being the holy sovereign God that he is, he just CANNOT do it. Makes me think of that movie with Jim Carey (Liar Liar). When someone just absolutely CAN’T lie, you would, no doubt, believe anything they say, if you knew this was a definite about them right?? Wouldn’t that be wonderful……..well, hello, it is! So, we know our God cannot lie. If I was this person (one who can’t lie), I would never tell anyone I promised something because I know then, I am bound to keep that promise. Haha. Then you would HAVE to do everything you said (even though I wish I could be like that, being selfish like we all are, this would make our little lives harder, just being honest). So why does my awesome God who owes me nothing, make so many promises to me in his Word??? Promises that he is forced to keep?? It doesn’t make sense. This amazing, bigger than anything being has the very universe at his fingertips, bounds himself wrapped up in a little promise to ME??? Only extreme love can make someone do that, and anyone who loves me that much, to give up all his control just to make me feel secure in the little areas of my life………I will worship! I was just in total awe when I pictured all these wonderful promises like chains. And my awesome mighty God was bound by all these chains, chains that were unbreakable, and the crazy thing is, he put these chains on himself! Just for me………

So, needless to say, I’ve gotten a lot from this book. Little ‘ol me, who hates to pick up a new book because there is sooo much else to do. God is good, even when on-call phones are involved. Ahhhhh!