Saturday, August 11, 2007

My baby!

I just got my first letter from my adoptee in Uganda.....YAY! His name is Amanya and he is 4. He can't really write so he just draws me pictures and tells his translator what to write to me. It made me cry, joy like no other...
He listed all of his family members for me:
he has 3 brothers (20, 18, 12)
one sister (16)
his mom is 33 and his dad is 39

He said his best friend is named Talemwa (aw, I bet they look so cute together playing football, aka:soccer)

His favorite food is rice and meat, nothing specific just rice and meat (I wonder if he had ever had gravy?)

His favorite color is blue and his favorite sport is football

Oh and this was my favorite part...his favorite song is Talemwa Katonda which his translator tells me means "Jesus never fails". How friggin awesome is that!
If he could visit anywhere it would be the village that his grandmother lives in because he loves her. He drew me some squiggles and told the translator that he wrote that he is excited that we loved him as our sponsor child...this is where I cried.

He wants to be a pilot and he currently has the flu and wants me to pray that he gets better soon (so if you happen to read this give up a prayer for little amanya please)

He even signed his little name which was of course more squiggles and put his fingerprint on the letter too. It was the tiniest little finger!

I am so excited! I can't wait until I hear from little Catherine. She is only 5 but she attends school already so she may be able to write some....put probably not too much.

I'm just grateful and happy...