Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day O' Love

The day o' love was wonderful as usual, even though I spent the majority of it with my kiddies at school it was still good. I decided I like immensely getting those corny little valentine cards from my students. You know, the ones that come 50 to a box. Maybe it reminds me of those cool little boxes we stayed up ALL night gluing and glittering so that they would be perfect for the v-day party at school the next day. Where everyone in your class would put a cute little card in your box. (and I do mean EVERYONE, due to the fact that the teacher made you bring enough for each kid, even the ones who smelled) Although some may have been forced gifts, I always LOVED going through my box at the end of the day searching each one to see if some special friend took the time to tape a piece of candy, or scribble the word "Hi". My love language is definitely gifts.....which sounds so materialistic but really really isn't. I just love that someone took one ioda of a second out of their day for little 'ol me =)

But, I would have to say that the best gift this valentine was not meant to be a gift at all. Well, not a valentine gift anyway... I randomly found the card that Justin gave me on Christmas morning and, if you're like me, you have to read it again, just to remember what it said one more time. Okay, so I opened it to re-read it's contents and it started like most the cards I get from him, a bit mushy and then abrubtly ending with some comment about my butt. This one was no different except for one thing. Justin had glued a picture of he and I to the inside of the card, which I remember being strange. I asked him why he did this on christmas and he said he tried to write something and he messed up so he didn't want me to see he hot-glued a picture of us on top. I must have been too distracted Christmas morn to dive any further into that comment (who knows) So of course, now that I re-discovered this card my first reaction was to rip the picture from the card, thinking I would find ugly scribbles. But instead I found a sweet little poem. Not an elaborate breath-taking poem like Ruco writes to Kristi, or a poem that said anything new. He's just my cute little country boy whose even cuter for I read it, I could tell he was having trouble finding words to rhyme and it wasn't going in the direction he wanted, plus it looked like he was running out of room. So instead, he covered it with a picture and wrote "Merry Christmas to my Princess Angel (this being my nickname of choice)". But little do these silly boys know, the poem was the sweetest thing I've ever read (and most of you know my husband's mad poetry skills from our initial dating emails =). He never reads this thing so I think I am safe if I post his writings. You may not like it, and probably won't think it as wonderful as I but regardless it was my best gift for some reason. Maybe because I like that he still tries, or maybe for the sheer fact that it wasn't meant to be a gift at all:

"You're the best wife
a guy could ask for,
You're the best friend
there's ever been,
I really need to know
why me above other men,
my life with you so far
has been nothing but the best,
I can't wait for years to come
till the Lord lay us down to rest,
Every day with you
I fall in love again,
Cause my bad days turn to good ones
with you I can only win.
I can only wonder..."

That is where the scribbles started and apparently the glue gun came out.
Anyway, that is my valentine story. Hope you all had a GREAT one!