Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Uncomfortable my butt!

Alrighty, so the hysterosalpingogram is over.....praise the lord! And contrary to what I had been told (I'm talking about you Rae Leytham) it hurt like a mother! Thankfully it didn't last too long and the horrible cramping the nurse kept warning me that was to come afterwards never did =) I think I prayed it away during the actual between my audible moans (and I'm not a moaner....I'm more of a hold my breathe and tense kind of girl)

Well the results showed that my insides look just like the textbooks show...good to know since the radiologist I saw at the beginning of the year told me I was basically a freak...what did he know? All the tubies are unblocked and the "womb" looks like it should. This is just another positive result that I am thankful for, yet still the mystery is unsolved...

On a happier note my friend Susie is pregnant! It was hard to believe that Tyler had it in him with all the pastels and what not that he wears but, apparently he did =) They are very early on and had some scares to begin with so pray hard that their little baby will be okay. Our sunday school class NEEDS this baby to be healthy to restore our faith in pregnancy! We love you SUSANNA!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I can see my insides!

Hysterosalpingogram rescheduled for today........I'm about to go get my bloodwork done just like before.......let us pray.......